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What's with the new icons?

Asked by beast (1035points) June 25th, 2008

PnL has an “I Love Fluther moderators” icon.
Cage has an “I Love robmandu” icon.
richardhenry has an “I Love JP” icon.

Why is everyone changing his or her icons at the same time to essentially the same thing? Is there something I’m missing here?

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Oh yeah. johnpowell’s changed to “I Love PNL”


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this thread should explain it.

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Thread ehy? This isn’t a forum?

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It was my fault. I changed mine to “I <3 PnL” after she said, “you know ya love me jp!” in the thread she posted above.

It was a joke and I was only going to keep it until I knew she noticed it. Then I went out for lunch. I will change it back soon.

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it was fun while it lasted, but i didn’t realize how much i used to depend on the icons till everyone changed theirs. all the “i <3 so and so” is making looking @ responses harder :(. i will keep mine for the rest of the day and change it back to normal tomorrow though because the fluther mods took quite a beating today and they need the LOVE!

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You should change it back into a REAL picture of you. COME ON!

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@ beast – omg. i KNEW it ! you are ron paul aren’t you???? can i get an autograph ? :D

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No, I am just an avid supporter of the great man.

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Declarative Finger Point

He’s a doctor, you know.
AND he wants to go back to the gold standard!

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