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Have you been told you look like you're from another country, which is nothing like your own?

Asked by cage (3117points) June 25th, 2008

e.g. I’ve been told I look Danish, but I’m from England.
anyone else had a similar experience?

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All you white people look alike (jk). I’m bi-racial (white and Mexican), but I get a lot of people thinking I’m Armenian or Persian. It doesn’t bother me, but its funny to see peoples’ reactions when you tell them what you actually are.

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i have gone into BP gas stations and other places where arabs are owners and they ask me where i am from. i’ve been told i look puerto rican and arab. one close friend says i look like a cuban soccer player.

i am black.

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I have been accused of looking like I am from a specific religious group many many times. not my religion.

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I’ve been told I look like an alien!

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@Babo That’s calumny, Babo. You look like a dream!

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A good dream, I hope!

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@B Of course!

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yes, i am mexican and costa rican and i get really dark which comes from my costa rican side but some people would ask if i were african american. but some people ask where im from when i speak spanish because costa rican spanish is different from mexican. i guess its more proper.

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Stop telling me I’m Swedish!! I’m a brit with a Spanish great grandmother.

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I mean, a Britano-American.

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Sure, but that’s usually because they don’t know my country or what the people there look like.

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I’m from the US, but I lived in Spain for year- everyone there thought I was French.

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When I lived in France, people thought I was from England or Scotland.

I’m 3/4 Scottish and look it.. I got asked for directions in Edinburgh a few times.

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