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Can Hijackthis! still be found and sites that analyze the results?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) November 13th, 2013

Do anyone know where Hijackthis! can be found, if it is still available, or what preceded it? I know there is a smart BHO or something hiding in my bytes, when I use Google Chrome or Firefox, I cannot use the search function because instead of going to the link it goes to some other search side. Google Chrome won’t even go to Google mail with out warning it is an unsafe site and not letting the navigation to complete! I have used Hijackthis! before in the past and it worked, I would like to try that again, seeing nothing else helped so far. Where can I find it?

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I think it’s just Chrome. I have a lot of trouble with the so-called unsafe page notice as well.

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If I google “hijackthis”, the top two hits are for Sourceforge and CNet, both of which will let you download it from their sites. It should be safe to do so, just (1) hover your cursor over any button that says “Download” so that you can be certain that it’s not an advertisement, and (2) go through the installation process slowly enough to make sure you don’t click “ok” or “accept” on any page that has 3rd party programs checked by default. Otherwise, you might end up with some annoying software that you didn’t intend to install.

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Have you already done antivirus and malware scans?

Avast is free for personal use.
MalwareBytes is too as I understand it.

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Hijackthis is from Trend Micro. It is at the bottom of the list.

I use this site to analyze the results. You just copy and paste the entire Hijackthis log into the box. This is a good instant tool but it relies on user input and it may miss things or give false positives/negatives.

You can also find forums where a computer expert will analyze the results for you. You have to tell them quite a bit of info though and it isn’t instant results. It really is the best way to fix a nasty problem.

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