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[SFW] Any fun activities that are best when they leave you in a mess?

Asked by ETpro (34605points) November 15th, 2013

Neat freaks need not apply. Some really fun TGIF things just can’t be done without getting down and dirty. What messy, dirty divertissements float your boat? If this question takes your mind where it took mine, not to worry. Just click here for the NSFW version.

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Tackle football.

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Eating cotton candy.

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Drag queen mud wrestling

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Every year during ‘Bike Week’ in Daytona (not very far from here) they have coleslaw wrestling competitions featuring many “heats” of two semi-hot women wrestling in a big pit of coleslaw in an attempt to win…...I don’t know, some kind of stupid fuckin’ prize.

Being a ‘man of principle’, I have of course never personally witnessed these wicked events. I have only heard about them. So they don’t specifically leave ME in a mess.

Well they would if Mrs. Apple ever found out that I was there have considered attending….

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Eating a giant turkey leg while you’re hammered at ren fest.

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Oooh, hot sweaty bareback riding in the summer!
Horse sweat action. Very dirty between your legs. haha
Then…. a dive into a cool lake or river, swimming with your big buddy. :-)

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Baking. We don’t have any fancy-pants appliances, so we mix our dough by hand (even when it calls for a stick of frozen butter.) By the end of it, we’re usually covered in specks of flour and our hands are slick and oily. The clean up may be monstrous, but I’ll be damned if those cookies and pies aren’t worth it.

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@talljasperman Amen. Every mud-mark and grass-stain is like another stripe on a con-com’s sleeve. A badge of service and courage.

@longgone Ah, yes! Brings back memories of the now demolished Ocean View Amusement Part in Norfolk, VA. Sweet, sticky fun.

@Tropical_Willie Another sweet sticky treat. I love how the candy casing breaks off and gets stuck here and there all over you as you feast.

@Hawaii_Jake Oh my. They have that? Where do I get tickets?

@OneBadApple You were never there. That’s your story, and stick to it. :-)

Please pass the coleslaw.

@Haleth I’ve managed the first two parts of that and got pretty nasty doing it. Not sure what ren fest is. Is it dirty?

@Coloma Yum. You might want to expand on that thought over in the NSFW version of this question.

@muppetish What’s wrong with licking the pot clean?

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Pumpkin carving
Making meatloaf

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@wildpotato Dirty jobs, all of which I love.

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Pretty much any toddler activity. In fact, I gauge how my kid’s day went at preschool by how messy she is.

Nothing like a dirty, messy, grinning kid. :)

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@fluthernutter Happiness is a thick, warm patina of grime. :-)

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@ETpro renaissance faire.

You know what’s stupid? I used to look down on people who do stuff like this. I thought oktoberfest was an annoying part of yuppie culture and a dumb excuse for them to get drunk outside during the day.

Even though I do stuff like this, which is… you get the gist.

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OK, my wife and mother-in-law just left to go shopping for the day.

Everybody ante-up.

@ETpro…’s your deal…

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@ETpro Damn straight. Dealer calls the game. 5 card stud. Only jokers are wild. Jacks or better to open. Now pass the beer.

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Please don’t hog it all….

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