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What is your biggest pet peeve?

Asked by chyna (51299points) November 21st, 2013

I know this has probably been asked but we have newbies. Mine is people that leave buggies in the parking lot of stores. The people can’t walk a few feet to put the buggies in the buggy return? It drives me crazy.
What drives you crazy?

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People that pull up to a four way stop sign, and they’re the only car in the intersection, and they sit there and wait for minutes while I’m behind them.

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I can’t decide if it’s those men that feel they can take up 3 people’s worth of spaces by spreading their legs/shit everywhere or tourists that stop in the middle of one of the busiest cross streets in NYC and don’t move out of the way.

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Oh, I have so many.

If you want only one I will say that I can’t turn off the ding on my microwave when food is ready. How can I pig out without my husband knowing if the bell is going to wake him up? Seriously, I am not a closet eater, but we are not always up at the same time, and any bells that can go off aren’t good.

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When you explain something, for so long, then at the end the person, has no idea what you were saying, or did not bother to listen.

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I detest when a driver has already made their LANE CHANGE into the turning lane with the huge white arrows, and THEN applies their directional signal.

Yes, yes….we already know what your move will be, because you’ve already made it.

(Drives me crazy, for some reason…)

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Brain dead drivers.

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…and people who are not aware of their surroundings.

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Loud eating noises. I can’t stand loud chewing/ smacking/ slurping noises, and people do it all the time.. There’s just this visceral “oh god, this makes me want to barf” reaction and I have to leave the room as soon as possible. Not to actually barf, just to get away from the noise.

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Pen-clicking. It drives me bonkers. I have never been able to stand persistent sounds (such as the ticking of a clock), but pen-clicking in particular drives me up the wall.

Last year, I attended a conference and the person sitting behind me clicked away during not one, but three presentations. It took all my efforts not to snatch the pen and chuck it across the room.

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People who count out loud at the same time you’re counting
People who cheat on their s/o
People who spit every 5 seconds

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Texting or phone calls when driving. I was using crosswalk and was informed to cross the street and a lady texting hit me. Luckily she could only get up to around five miles per hour before I plopped onto her hood.

So fuck that. I think cars should have cell-phone jammers that are triggered if your engine is running. Pull the fuck over if you want to fight about what is for dinner with your spouse you horrible fucking people.

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Dog walkers who insist on using those extending leads/leashes. I’m walking along with my dawg, she’s off the lead because she’s clever like that & I come across these people.
Their dog gets to us way before they do, it being on full extend & the fucking thing gets wrapped around me when the dumb shit pooch circles my dawg trying to sniff her arse.
Pull the bastard lead in you fucking tithead!!

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Pretty much everything already mentioned, plus these:

Cocky/condescending/narcissistic people.


Having to repeat myself.

People who walk their dogs without a leash.

People who ride a lane that’s obviously ending until it runs out instead of getting over in the correct way.

People that stand in the middle of the aisle in the grocery store with no regard for other shoppers.

Being asked for donations outside of Wal-Mart. No, I don’t want to give your softball team any money. Screw your softball team.

Assholes in general.

…oh, there’s so many more, but it’s only 5AM and my brain hasn’t turned on yet.

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@livelaughlove21 :: I can’t hear from my left ear. 90% deaf. So be pretty careful with the repeating thing. Sometimes we really just can’t hear you.

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I know you’re perfectly nice people, just stay away from me. In spite of all that gum you chew, you smell like an ashtray.

non-stop talkers
There is no listening with you, just talking and waiting to talk. And why are you so incapable of being quiet for a while? Do the voices in your head scare you that much?

selfish, immature parents
If you, yourself are a child… don’t have a child. Until such time as you grow the fuck up, keep your schlong wrapped and your legs closed.

people who ask for advice, then argue with you about it
Stop wasting my time with your argumentative, neurotic bullshit. If you don’t want my opinion, don’t ask for it.

non cookie lovers
I just don’t get you people

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@livelaughlove21 “People who walk their dogs without a leash.”
Why so? I only ask because your post immediately following mine seems more than just coincidence that you’d list that as a particular peeve.

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Sagging, pull your damn pants up! You look like a fool, walk like John Wayne, and are going to lose your drawers – no one is interested in seeing your business.

People who stand right in front of the elevator doors and have to push right in before people get off. It is just common courtesy to stand to the side, let others get off, then enter the elevator.

People who have absolutely no idea what to do at a four way stop so they sit there and wave everyone through,

Kids (mostly) who don’t pick up their feet when they walk, that horrible sound the shuffling shoes make is like nails and a chalkboard.

People who always think they are the smartest person in the room. They tend to shoot their mouths off constantly and it gets incredibly tiresome.

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Loud Chewing.
People who keep sniffing every few seconds. Why can’t they just go and blow their nose.
Nose-picking in public. Once when I was travelling by bus, I happened to see a person pull a piece of snot and then he wipes it on the chair next to him. Disgusting!

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@johnpowell I was actually talking about people I know, like my husband. He may be nearly blind, but his hearing is fine, he just chooses not to listen from time to time. I rarely ever have to repeat myself to strangers.

@ucme It sort of was a coincidence. I’m having a major issue with a neighbor that walks his dog sans leash and let’s him shit in everyone’s yard and doesn’t pick it up. Yesterday, I was walking Daisy and I encountered him and his dog, of course, approached mine. They sniffed at each other for awhile, and then his dog starts growling. He assured me that the dog wouldn’t hurt her, but I don’t know that. If he did attack Daisy, she’s on a leash and defenseless. He couldn’t control his dog and it pissed me off. Dogs should be on leashes at all times unless you live away from people or you’re at a leash-free dog park/beach. Your dog may be awesome and docile, but only you know that. Daisy would never hurt a fly, but her ass is on that leash as she should be. Leash laws exist for a reason.

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Right this minute my biggest pet peeve is my peeve about the pets next door who are barking at the garbage men.

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@livelaughlove21 I fucking hate dog owners like that, let them roam around shitting everywhere, menacing other dogs & jumping up at kids. If they lack control then put them on the lead. I always take her lead with me in case some arsehole has their hostile dog roaming free, just clip it right on her collar. I also take doggy bags to pick up her poo, sometimes have to walk for ages to find a bloody bin though.
She always walks by my side & sits by the roadside patiently waiting for me to cross, no bother at all, she does love to check out other dogs & do the arse sniffing thing, but that’s okay.
Folks are always stopping wanting to pet her, but she’s quite nervous around strangers & shys away mostly, soppy bugger.

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@ucme Daisy loves strangers a little too much – she likes to jump on them and nearly lick them to death. She’s an attention whore. I know that some people are scared or wary of dogs approaching them or their pet, which is why I feel strongly about leashes. It’s more for the benefit of others. Daisy is a sweetheart but she sounds mean – barking and growling when she’s excited. I know that people don’t realize that’s just what she does and they might get scared of her. I even had a couple at PetSmart nearly jump out of their skin when a 4 month old <10lb Daisy rounded the corner. It seemed quite silly for them to be in a pet store if they were so scared of this tiny puppy, but I’m sure they have their reasons. A leash isn’t a big enough inconvenience to skip it because I know my dog is nice.

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@livelaughlove21 I get your point & I agree in theory, but Penny clearly poses no threat to anyone. If she was over boisterous with strangers then she’d definitely be on the lead.
I’m always telling kids who ask to stroke her that she’s easily spooked, they’re left disappointed & walk away in a huff…bless.

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@Haleth me too!! It’s like fingernails on the chalkboard. My husband does it A LOT and it drives me crazy. And if I say anything, no matter how politely/gently I say it, he reacts as though I’ve just slapped him, and then sits there like a sulky two year old teenager. I just have to (figuratively) grit my teeth and try to ignore it.

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People who tell long, tedious stories.

People who answer a yes-or-no, or otherwise simple, question with a rambling essay.

People who don’t understand that a conversation involves two or more people, and who think that life’s a platform for long monologues.

(Yes, there’s a theme to my pet peeves.)

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Inconsiderate neighbors.
Selfish people.
Impatient Drivers, of which I am one, but I mean everyone who gets in my way pretty much.
People with bad breath who act like it’s not bad.
Idiot parents who let their kids boss them around and smile like dopes not realizing their children are tyrants in the making.
Eh, I’m not in the mood right now.

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@KNOWITALL “People with bad breath who act like it’s not bad.”

People usually can’t smell their own breath. Someone’s likely to be happily taking away with no idea that his/her breath is foul. And, it’s very awkward to tell someone about bad breath, and extremely embarrassing for that same person to get the news.

@Haleth Yes, that’s a tough one. Bad eating habits are just plain nauseating:

- Smacking lips
– Picking teeth
– Chewing with one’s mouth open
– Talking through a mouthful of food
– Cramming in more food before swallowing the last bite
– Licking one’s lips instead of using a napkin or just being more careful
– Instead of simply saying, “Please excuse me,” saying, “I have to go to the bathroom.”

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@SadieMartinPaul Oh no, they know, I tell them, when I know them anyway. I also tell them when they have stuff hanging out their nose, or their pants are unzipped.

I’m cool like that and they appreciate it, but if I tell you you have halitosis and offer you a mint, you should take the pleasant

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When my feet were really bad due to bilateral plantar fasciitis resulting from rheumatoid arthritis, grocery shopping was excruciating and exhausting, I couldn’t always manage an extra 25–50’ walking, knowing I still had to bring the groceries in from the car. I try to park near the corral but also near the entrance.

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I was going to say something driving related, like too slow, leaving too much room between cars taking off from a stoplight or not signalling.

Then I read @livelaughlove21‘s answer and my biggest Pet Peeve is definately condescending people. Intentionally talking down to someone is the lowest form of insult you can give.

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I hate when people drive in the fast lane under the speed limit and when I try to pass in the slow lane, they speed up and won’t let me pass.
Where is my uzi?

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^ I swear, it happens to me all the time that when I try to pass someone who’s in the slow they speed up and won’t let me pass. A while back I drove to a town 20 miles away and it happened 3–4 times in one trip!

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@chyna I do a variation of that. If I’m going 80 in a 70 zone and someone is riding my ass and being a dick, I get a little peeved. If I’m in the fast lane and someone comes up behind me, I’ll get over as soon as I have the opportunity. However, getting within inches of my bumper without giving me a chance to get over pisses me off. When they try to pass me, I’ll speed up just to piss them off. And I’m not ashamed to admit it.

I don’t go under the speed limit on the interstate ever, let alone in the fast lane. That’s annoying in itself.

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Are we cruise controllers, then @chyna & @livelaughlove21? That’s a lot of the reason it make me so mad…I’m on cruise and I know my speed hasn’t changed. I had a guy do it for MILEs not long ago. If I got in the passing lane he sped up, when I got back in behind him, he slowed down. I finally had to box him in behind another car and get around.

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@ibstubro I start plotting how to get around these people too and it just gets ridiculous the lengths I go to just to pass some idiot that is on my nerves.

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^ All I ask is that I be allowed to use my cruise control, but no, someone has to mess with me. Makes you realize where road rage comes from!

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I’m cruise-controller, @ibstubro, and I commute 45 miles each way. I know exactly what you’re saying! People not staying in the slow lanes is definitely my pet peeve. A lot of my commute is on 3-lane roads… No one is in the slow lane – not even the truckers, the center lane is packed, and the passing lane isn’t going anywhere, either. If the people who want to do the speed limit would stay in the right lane, the rest of us could flow comfortably in the middle and left lanes. It all comes down to people’s fear of the merging traffic and not knowing how to merge properly.

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@hearkat I’d be insane if I commuted 45 miles each way in traffic every day. Certifiable.

(well, even MORE so, I guess)

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@ibstubro Yeah, I already had you pegged for a 250 miles per day guy….

ibstubro's avatar

Yes, @OneBadApple, but I drive it with my eyes closed, so I remain reasonable.

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Right, that always worked for me too…

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It’s only a problem if I dose off, and can’t remember if I’m going or coming.

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“No, no, officer. I haven’t been drinking…...I was sleeping….”

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I’m in Illinois. “How much this time officer?”

OneBadApple's avatar


“You guys take VISA, right…??”

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“Visa? There’s an _upcharge if we have to run it through the Governor’s office.“_

OneBadApple's avatar

Up-charge, schmup-charge…..Can we just move this thing along…??

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“Oh, looks like you tail light [crash] is out too!” Shall we make this a cash transaction?”

OneBadApple's avatar

OK then….please follow me to the fuckin’ ATM…..

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@ibstubro – My fiancé commutes 55 miles each way in the opposite direction in much worse traffic. He used to live a quarter mile from his job. We tried to find a home that is halfway in-between, and I got the better deal.

OneBadApple's avatar

Women usually get the better deal. Men more often will meet their end having a coronary on the Long Island Expressway around 6:00 pm on any given Friday…

ibstubro's avatar

Follow you @OneBadApple? What do you think this IS, the 20th Century? The squad car’s in Illinois are equipped with ATM. Sheesh.

I’d hate that @hearkat. But, I’m sure it’s all what you get used to. I’m already short tempered, I can IMAGINE what that would do!

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His will be on the NJ Turnpike, but yeah. His job pays more and actually gave him a travel allowance when we moved. He is also much less aggressive behind the wheel than I am. We do not conform to gender stereotypes – especially where cars are concerned, we are opposite of the stereotypes. I intimidate car salespeople and service advisors.

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Passive aggressive and manipulative people

Not using your turn signal

People going 30mph on the freeway onramp…fuck…..step on it! haha

People that leave their dogs in cars on warm/hot days

Nosey people

Nosey OLD people

Old people that carry around snot filled kleenex in their pockets WTF…blow and throw! lol Howw many blows can one kleenex hold anyway! Disgusting!

Chronic complainers/whiners.

hearkat's avatar

@Coloma – be careful whom you call “old”, we’ll be their age before we know it (if we’re lucky enough to live that long). You don’t seem to censor yourself much now… imagine how you’ll be in 15–20 years! ;D

Coloma's avatar

@hearkat Trust me, I will never be nosey, and I certainly will NEVER carry around snot ladden, 4x’s used kleenex in my pocket. lol Being an outspoken humorist is entirely different than being a nosey old person that recycles used keenex.

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“People that leave their dogs in cars on warm/hot days” That isn’t just a peeve; it’s a crime.

“Chronic complainers/whiners” That behavior is addictive. Constant complaining makes a person very negative and unpleasant, always finding something bad and ignoring everything’s that’s good. An individual’s entire personality and demeanor change. It’s similar to couples that bicker nonstop; after a while, they become unable to communicate with each other in any other way.

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@SadieMartinPaul Agreed. I am surrounded by negative, complaining old people in my new neighborhood. It’s becoming a game of avoidance. haha The other morning I made the fatal mistake of asking my neighbor how she was. Oh man….I should have known better….” Weeeelll, not very good”....and off she went.

Luckily I was in my car and after a minute or two was able to pretend I didn’t hear her and close my door, give a little wave and drive away. Egads…so annoying.

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@Coloma I sympathize. My mother lives in a nearby retirement facility, and I visit her every day. Some of her fellow residents are so lonesome and desperate for company, they interpret “Good morning” to mean “Please give me a 20-minute monologue about your entire life story.”

So, how do I handle this situation without being rude or hurtful? I pull my cellphone out of my pocketbook, put a worried and concerned look on my face, and say, “Please excuse me, I really need to take this call.” Then, I walk away with the cellphone pressed to my ear, acting as if I’m listening to something important. A white lie? Yes. Effective? Absolutely.

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@SadieMartinPaul Good escape route.haha
Yes, I am sympathetic but have learned that ANY inquiry is taken as you say, as an invitation to be taken hostage for 30 minutes. Sad but jeez.

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@Coloma Yes, it is frustrating. It’s also dreadful to be in line behind an elderly person who’s chatting-up the cashier, bank teller, post office worker, etc., oblivious to everyone who’s waiting. I try to remind myself that (1) the individual must be extremely lonesome and have nothing to occupy his/her time, and (2) that might be me someday. Despite my efforts at kind thoughts, however, I do get annoyed, especially when I’m in a hurry.

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@SadieMartinPaul I blame the cashier or bank teller for not moving them along. When I lived in Memphis I saw more problems with that sort of behavior than anywhere else I have ever lived, I thought maybe it was some sort of southern politeness, but not sure, to completely finish with the customer in front of you, even if they were talking about nothing reated to the business at hand. The cashier can see the line behind, the customer doesn’t always realize how long the line is behind them. Or, just a lack of urgency.

I remember once being a passenger with a coworker of my husband and his wife. She was driving and stopped to ask someone for directions. We were on a small local road. When a car came up behin us, I spoke up to let her know a car was behind us. She didn’t care, she didn’t hurry her conversation to finish up with the person she asked for directions. Totally foreign to me to just take my time when someone else is waiting.

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@Coloma and @SadieMartinPaul

Did I ever tell you about the time I fixed my lawnmower by myself ?.....Do you have a minute ??......Here…..sit right here…..

Let’s see, it was a Thursday, I think…, wait, that’s garbage collection day and the garbage definitely wasn’t picked up that day. So it must have been a…..Wwww…........Wednesday ??......I don’t know, Tuesday or Wednesday.


Sorry…..anyway….........where was I….??

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People who run stop signs. Hardly anyone actually stops anymore (in Baltimore MD).

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@SABOTEUR Really? I wonder why there aren’t more 2-way, 3-way, and even 4-way collisions. Do drivers just assume that everyone else will break the law, too, and stay on the lookout?

I was once driving in Baltimore during afternoon, workday rush traffic. I did notice that everyone blocked the box and jammed intersections. The gridlock was amazing. Traffic lights changed 3 – 4 times without anyone moving.

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People who post questions on Fluther and then don’t come back to interact with the people who are offering answers or asking follow-up questions.

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It annoys me that at least 90% of the population (including professional broadcasters) always pronounce ‘short-lived’ incorrectly.

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@SadieMartinPaul No. Drivers don’t assume everyone else will break the law too. Like me, they undoubtedly see “everyone else” breaking the law every day, so they just don’t care. It’s come to the point where I must consciously advise myself to not get upset about it. Just relax and stay alert.

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