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Why does my eyes change colors? and what is it called?

Asked by schuberted (6points) June 26th, 2008

My eyes change during the day. They can be any color, u name it. My pupil is also surrounded by a thin line of yellow. They seem to change to my surroundings. Like what i’m wearing or what im around. i doubt they change with my mood because i would have noticed it. plz help me know why my eyes have always been this way.
Also everyone in my family has dark brown eyes. And I was born with dark blue.

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I don’t know about the color changes, but I might see a doctor about the Kayser-Fleischer rings around the irises. Keep in mind that I am not a physician, so everything I’m saying is based off of episodes of medical related television shows.

This previously asked question may also help you.

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The weather affects my eye color. When there are blue skies I find that my eyes atre bluer than normal. When the weather is overcast or miserable my eyes have more of a grayish color. But why? Good question.

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I find that blue shirts help bring out the blue in my eyes. And then I feel so pretty.

Oftentimes, babies are born with blue eyes and they darken later.

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We had this question about a month ago on fluther and it has a lot of interesting answers. delirium provided the name for it there.

After that discussion, during that discussion, I noticed that my green eyes now had a brown color around the iris, I had it checked out and he said it was a yellowish fluid in my eye that occurred with aging. He said it was nothing to worry about now (in my case) but he noted it on my chart and would watch it in the future and that I was right to get it checked out.

As for your blue eyes, two brown-eyed parents can have a blue eyed child because blue is recessive, and they can each have a “hidden gene” of blue (notice I didn’t say blue gene, I see AC is here and is always sharp as a tack) along with their dominate brown gene. You just got the two recessive genes.

I was born with blue, they changed to grey, then green and have gotten progressively more green as I have aged. The blue eyed members of my family have the same characteristics of AC and rob. I buy my son’s and husband’s shirts and ties to purposely bring out those killer blue eyes. One has clear blue, the other cornflower. The clear blue are from my side of the family. My son’s eyes looked brown when he was born because he was a very early preemie.

sorry lemur, I proofed and saw you had already provided the link

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I think we might have a similar eye color. I was born with dark blue eyes and as I got older they changed into a hazel color. They now have a dark blue rim and a golden color around my pupil. They also have a light green in the middle of the blue and golden color. The gold and green really stand out so most people think my eyes are more of a green-brown color. When I wear blue or I am in the sun light they look really blue. In photos my eyes look more of a blue color. When I cry the green and gold really stand out almost as if my eyes are glowing. My eyes are multicolored; I’ve even had people say they look grey.

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