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Is there a way to make your eye color pop more?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5952points) June 21st, 2012

My eyes are a really dark brown. To a point where they almost look black. I don’t want to wear colored contacts because I find that really silly. I also vowed to myself that I would never wear makeup, but if it helps in this case, I’ll try.

Is there any way to make my dark eye color look brighter?

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There are certain colors of makeup that can help bring out the color in your eyes more. Almay has a line of products specifically designed to bring out the color in several different eye colors. You can also visit a makeup counter (MAC, Sephora, etc.) and ask them what colors they’d recommend for your eye color. Why did you vow to yourself that you would never wear makeup? (Just curious!)

But other than makeup, colored contacts (which you said you don’t want to do) and photo editing to change their appearance in pictures, I don’t really know of any ways to bring out the color more. Anyway, I’m sure your eyes look fine the color they are, why do you want to change them? Good luck! Keep us updated. :-)

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Yes, eye shadow will help. I would suggest using gold tones and brown tones. Visit a MAC makeup counter to ask about colors. I recommend them, because they seem to take the best care of their customers. Others will have a different opinion.

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Lavender and purple eyeshadow apparently.

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@mangeons It’s kind of a thing between my sister, and two of friends of ours. Well, basically it’s a vow to say that we can look beautiful without makeup for the rest of our lives. And if anyone’s like me, I get hooked onto things fairly quickly, so if I started wearing makeup, I don’t want to turn into a maniac who feels the absolute need to always wear makeup, and then make myself look like a clown.

I wanted to change my eyes because it bothers me that my eyes are so dark. I have all these friends that have bright blue eyes, or green eyes, even hazel enough to look orange. And i’m stuck with near black eyes.

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Also, I kind of live by being naturally beautiful.

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@blueberry_kid Of course you can be beautiful without makeup, anyone can. But that’s no reason to swear off it forever! I didn’t really start wearing makeup regularly until this year, and I’m sixteen. You can use it sparingly to enhance your features instead of covering them up/“looking like a clown.”

But, if you want to stick to that vow, then by all means go for it, I respect it! But that same principle could be applied to your eye color, don’t you think? I’m sure your eyes are beautiful, and people with other colors probably envy yours sometimes! There is no set eye color to be beautiful, and I’m sure you can look great without changing your eye color at all!

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I think dark eyes are beautiful. They have an exotic look. Maybe a little eyeliner on the top lashes if you do decide to go the makeup route.

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@chyna Great point. I have really dark eyes and a lot of people like them.

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I like dark eyes.
If you don’t want to wear makeup, you can try highlights in your hair around the face.

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The colors you surround your face with will have some impact on eye color. Makeup, hair color, and the color of your shirt will all affect them. If you are not wanting colored contacts (I don’t blame you there, they look ridiculous), the best way is makeup, followed by hair color, then clothes.

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You make your eyes pop by the way you use your face. Work your expressions. For example, if you are flirting, you can lower your chin a little and look out from underneath your brows. Bat your lashes a bit. I guarantee that if you do it naturally, whatever guy you are doing it at will think your eyes are popping.

I don’t know where else it matters that your eyes pop. I guess if you are trying to impress a group of women, you kind of want to do whatever it is they like. Some might like glamor. Others might like something else. Not being a woman, it’s hard for me to know. But I’m sure there are expressions you can use to attract the kind of attention you are looking for.

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Google pictures of Sandra Oh; she has black eyes of slightly different size, and the epicanthic fold, and is stunning.

Some examples

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Green eyeliner.

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Very dark eyes are beautiful! I love the extremes. Dark brown/black eyes are just as dramatic and gorgeous as very blue. For me the colors in the middle like amber brown and hazel are less intriguing. Trying to use contacts to cover very dark like coal eyes doesn’t look good, never looks natural. Colored contacts are best for enhancing color, like making blue eyes more blue.

If you line your eyes or wear mascara it will exaggerate your eyes, making them seem bigger and more of a focal point on your face. I would have to know all your coloring to give you makeup color advice.

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@JLeslie By all my coloring…do you mean like my skin tone and hair color?

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@blueberry_kid Yes, that is what I meant.

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@JLeslie Oh! Well here’s a perfect picture that my sister took a few weeks ago. My skin is a bit more tanned since I’ve been out and about for summer.

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@blueberry_kid You don’t need a thing. They are beautiful without enhancement.

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@blueberry_kid Well, you look just beautiful! And your eyes draw attention without any makeup. But, you certainly could line your eyes if you wanted to exaggerate them. Your skin is so perfect looking in that picture that I wouldn’t want you to put on a whole face of makeup. I say some dark brown or black eyeliner on top and mascara top and bottom. Eventually if you do start using a full face of makeup use plums and browns on your eyes, gold to dress up for nighttime. Don’t go bright blue, but you could use navy.

I like your eyes dark. I worked with a woman who was gorgeous. She was a light skinned black woman, beautiful features, great body, she did wear makeup every day, and she used to put in dark blue contacts and I thought the contacts took away from her beauty.

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