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If the doctor offers you a discount, should you agree to post a video clip of your cosmetic surgery (lasik, botox, whatever) on YouTube?

Asked by Whattodo (101points) June 26th, 2008

All you have to do is write a rave review and include a link to the doctor’s web site.

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Read the fineprint!!
Does the agreement mean you have to give him kudos? And where would you stand in case if malpractice?

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Do you have qualms about being recognizable? Are there limits on what the doctor can do with the images or are you signing over all rights in perpetuity? Facial stuff seems a little less invasive than say, one’s breast implants or tummy tuck in one sense. In another, are you OK with everyone you know knowing you had the cosmetic surgery? This is a pretty personal decision that would be right for some and not others.

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I think this is dubious territory. You have to write a rave review as well? Its a way for him/her to cheaply inflate their reputation, and I am opposed on ethical grounds.

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I agree with Shi. It sounds like cheap unethical advertising to me. I would never chose a surgeon who used youtube for self promotion. He or she sounds more like a used car salesman.

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