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Am I right to be angry (extremely long details inside)

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14660points) November 29th, 2013

Disclaimer: I’m not racist, really! So I’m not going to discuss about which race is better or anything like that. This question is inspired directly by a controversial comment I found on the net. I also don’t know what you Americans’ point of view on this matter, being an Asian myself, so please consider the asker of this question curious, not racist (or anything like that)!

So yesterday I was surfing the net when I found a video about a Japanese doing something weird and stupid (I’m not going to say what it is because it’s not important here). I scrolled down to read the comments for the video, and I found a comment that really got on my nerve. The content of the comment can be summarized like this: This Japanese is just a poor victim of a corrupted society. But look at America; it’s just as rotten. Do you know why? Because there are too many human races here in America, and each race creates so many sick products like jazz… and people seem to like them. Why don’t you just spend time reading about G. Washinton instead of listening to stupid jazz songs? Even worse, people from different races are getting married, producing “mixed races” that don’t have half as much white gene as our ancestors. In short, multiculturalism is responsible for the corruption of American society. Where’s the respectable European culture our ancestors built gone to? Stop multiculturalism and preserve the precious white culture for our generation! I scrolled down for some comments against this freak, but what I found were a handful of comments supporting it! Some people even complimented the author of the comment “thoughtful and politically correct”. There was someone arguing against the above-mentioned comment, but he got a slap right on the face with (another) handful of comments. The last comment of the whole conversation was: ”...The white race should not be mixed with any races”.
At that point I was enraged. If those people really think white is the best race, surely they look down on us Asian as well. I nearly found myself screaming at the top of my voice: “What is wrong with you people?”
Now I finally calmed down. And when I thought back about the incident, I remembered that some supporting comments had given some solid evidence for their claim like the Blacks live a more nomadic life, or African countries have a lower life standard than European and American ones. Still, I cannot seem to recover from my rage.
So am I right to be angry?

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As a white guy I can say I would be more than willing to “mix” with Asian ladies anytime as I find them to be rather hot. Anyway, that was my first thought. Seriously though, there’s a lot of crap on the internet that’s based on nothing more than the flies that land on it. Don’t take ignorance personally. Laugh at it. That’s what I do.

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No, it is pure nonsense to be angry about the ignorant ranting you find in the comment sections on the internet. The rant you have described above is so full of errors in fact that it is not worth reading much less getting upset about.

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What’s the point in being angry? As a white man myself, I find the opinion uninformed and ridiculous, but… why should I be angry?

Okay, maybe you’d say in reply to that rhetorical question “because I’m part of the privileged group” according to the writer of those statements. However, the person who wrote that is stupid and thoughtless. Why should I feel privileged to be associated with him in any way?

There is simply no point in associating any of your life, your feelings, emotions, interest and time, with the comments of the ignorant, chauvinistic, bigoted and stupid. Your life will be short enough as it is, even if you live to be a hundred years old. Don’t waste any of your time wasting emotion on such as those.

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You are absolutely right that the post was blatant racism. Call it out as such. Point out where its generalizations are blatantly false, and it’s tone leads to racial prejudice, hate and worse. Belittle the lack of sentient thought behind racist rants. Don’t get angry, get even.

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@ETpro I like that.

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Every 60 seconds your angry robs you of another minute of happiness… the right to free speech in the US doesn’t require people to have evolved their thought process into 21st century thinking.

White extremism/Racism still exists here in some places, but as you can see it is out of ignorance not fact, so rather than getting angry, look at it for what it is – people holding onto yesterday because they are threatened by the reality of today. It’s not worth your emotional energy.

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I agree with @BosM – the sentiments are certainly NOT anything I agree with, but we live in a society in which people are allowed to think and write whatever they want. Whether we agree or not, our society allows people the right to think for themselves.

So lose the anger, and celebrate the fact that our civilization at this time does not engage in thought control.

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Anger is what made these people what they are. They didn’t come to some reasoned conclusion about the superiority of the white race and then become angry about other races; they started with anger, and then went looking for some way to give shape to their anger, something to be angry about. “Other races” have come to symbolize for them everything that makes their life frustrating.

Anger is infectious. Don’t catch their disease.

Here’s an amazing story about how a Jewish rabbi dealt with an anti-Semitic white supremacist.

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They have a problem with Jazz? Didn’t that horse leave the barn when Daisy Buchanan dumped her corset, hiked up her hem, cut her hair, then was caught dancing with Negroes while smoking cigarettes? Not to mention that Djuna Barnes novel on her bedside table. It was the Jazz, for sure. Totally ruined America.

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@thorninmud What a profound, inspiring story. Thank you so much for the link. I need to think about that every time I think someone is irredeemable.

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The internet is full of nonsense.

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@JimTurner The world is full of nonsense, and the Internet gives idiots a venue to show off the lack of good sense and the evil that they hold within.

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