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What kind of high school should I create?

Asked by sarahhughes1996 (127points) December 2nd, 2013

In my Psychology class we have been given the opportunity to design our own high school. For example: A Spy School. It can be as creative or normal as I want. I am wanting to do something creative, but cannot think of anything. Any suggestions?

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Year long half day school. With add rising it may work well. Or Hogwart style lol

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How about an old style one room school house with the older kids helping the younger kids along, and everything is one big science project, but you have modern equipment like microscopes, telescopes, as well as sextants, chalk boards, etc.

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Make a curriculum so that literature is considered an “art” and are therefore not manditory. That’s the way it should be in my opinion…

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A school where there are an equal number of students from all ethnicities in the surrounding area.

A school where each student is paid for their performance.

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Distance learning, and home schooling network.

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A school where each class does one large project that combines history, science, English and math. For example, the project could be to evaluate different ways of dealing with climate change. Students would start by looking at climate variation and its historical impact. They might study some of the current associated political and economic issues. They could learn some of the science involved in climate change and some of the math involved.

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A school with one year of lifestyle lessons required.
Cooking class, child rearing, dealing with peer pressure, dealing with government offices, dealing with creditors, how to buy a car or lease, what you need to know in buying a home or selling one, how to be credit knowledgeable, how to save money, how to invest money, what you need to know about rental contracts and your obligations as a tenant. Dealing with credit fraud and how to secure your personal information. How to deal with difficult or confrontational people. A little bit about contract law. How to negotiate your salary or a litst of local job agencies that can match your skills and find you a job. All the things that they don’t teach you but skills you need to function out in the world.

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Listen to Salman Khan’s TED Talk about turning classroom education upside down, and think about building a brick-and-mortar school where this idea is how students learn.

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A public boarding school where kids from the inner city get to live in the country. There is a bus every Friday that they can take back to the city if they want to go back home for the weekend, and returns Sunday night. The school has all the same core curriculum as other schools, and also classes in agriculture and farming both crops and animals. The crops and dairy produced on the farm are used in the school’s cafeteria. Children do not have to be from the city to go to the school, but they would be the main people the school is marketed to, to experience a different life.

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One that starts at 11 a.m. and goes until 6 p.m. That way the kids get sleep in tune with adolescent sleep patterns.

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@JLeslie I like it, I would have greatly benefitted from that experience. Along with @YARNLADY‘s idea of multiple ethnicities, it’s the only place I’ve really met many minorities in my life.

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I like @YARNLADY‘s pay for performance also. I think they tried in some schools in NYC.

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@Pandora Amen. And don’t forget learning how to do taxes, too.

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No assignments, no pressure, just learning and lots of learning.
I would have chosen a set of teachers with a very high sense of pedagogy and great vision. And yes, no student should be judged on the marks they get.

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