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Do you give 1-2 wk notice quitting an unpaid internship?

Asked by chelle21689 (6831points) December 7th, 2013

So I’ve been at this internship for 15–20 hrs/week unpaid. It’s sometimes boring where I do nothing but I’ve done a lot where it looks great on my resume…so it’s a win/win. It ends next month.

Anyways, I got an interview yesterday for an entry level HR Coordinator position at a great non profit organization that helps the community. I really really hope I get it! We seemed to click and they said they’ll call me next Friday but then said “Tell you what, we’re wrapping up the process…I’ll give you a call Monday” trying not to get my hopes up.

If I get it, how would you exit the internship? I want to try to not burn bridges.

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I would give them as much notice as you can. Since it’s unpaid I don’t see any problem telling them about your interview. They should be happy for you.

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Even though it is an unpaid internship, you still want to be professional. Talk to your boss, and see if they’ll let you go without notice.

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I would think a week would be a good idea, depending when the other wants you to start. Two might be even better.

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People always remember how you leave an organization. Ask them what their guidelines are and try to accommodate their wishes. I wouldn’t expect more than a week, possibly two. You may want to offer putting together a transition plan if appropriate. Good luck!

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At least 2 weeka, more if possible. Although it’s only an internship, you want to act professional and leave them with a good feeling.

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An internship is a job. You should give the same amount of notice you’d give any other employer.

Good luck – I hope you get the job!

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If you got an employee handbook, look in it. It should tell you how much notice they want.

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Whatever the type job, it’s always wise and professional to give two-weeks’ notice to give the employer time to fill the position, and you never know when you might need a reference fom this person. Often an employer will say two weeks (or whatever the notice is) is unnecessary, but you will have done the right and smart thing to give him the option.

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If your internship ends next month, I think you should stick it out until then. Not only would the internship company appreciate it (and they have planned on you staying for that long), but the new job should respect your loyalty and integrity.

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An internship is on the job training. You treat it as you would any job. Professionally.

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If you intend to leave, you should always give notice. Put yourself in their shoes. Wouldn’t you appreciate prior notice?

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I would give two weeks since you mention it is good for your resume.

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As mentioned by others you should give them two weeks notice. If you choose to not do a two weeks notice at least give them 1 week. It’s always better to quit in a professional manner. Show appreciation for the opportunity they had given you and thank them personally for their help. Also try to keep in touch with the people for whom you worked as an unpaid intern because networking doesn’t just involve maintaining contacts only with the people who lead you to rewarding opportunities; it also means caring for the relationships you’ve built with co-workers in the past.

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If you guys remember I sit 90% of the time being bored doing nothing lol. I’ll try to give 1 week

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@chelle21689 It doesn’t matter – it’s about being professional and doing things as they should be done. If they aren’t getting much use out of you, they may say a notice is unnecessary, but at least you offered it.

My unpaid internship experience was so different compared to yours. Many of the probation agents commented that I did more work than most of them. And that’s how I liked it. Because of that, my reference letters from them were amazing.

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Our interns do it for college credits so check with your counselor if that’s your situation.

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After a LOOOONG YEAR, I GOT THE JOB in a field I want and the organization I like close to home!! Hope I do good!!

Looks like I’ll have to take a drug test, background check, and TB test so it’ll be a while before I work. I guess I can do two week notice for my internship.

I was thinking of getting my mentor a small token of appreciation because if it weren’t for her, I would’ve never gotten this. Bad or good idea??

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what is a good small gift for a “boss”?

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Box of chocolates or Amazon gift certificate. $15 – $20.

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