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Can the British TV network ITV be streamed live either in the UK or in North America?

Asked by srmorgan (6738points) December 7th, 2013

I know you can watch parts of BBC TV live.
ITV broadcasts Downton Abbey and they are having a Christmas episode (don’t know the date or time) and I would like to watch it.

Can you access ITV via the net either in the UK or in North America?

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In the UK you can stream it from here

They also have a catch up service for the previous month.

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It airs on the 25th. My mom is a huge fan and reminds me every few days to look out for torrents of it. Ask me on the 25th (I don’t do Christmas) and I can provide you a link to stream it from one of my servers. My mom will kill me if I don’t provide one for her so it isn’t any extra work.

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It is going to be on , on Christmas Day.
That’s ok, Christmas Day is not a big deal around here anyway. 5 hour time difference (I am on the east coast). Mid-afternoon.

Do all of the British Christmas specials air on Xmas day?


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I think the Christmas special of Would I Lie To You (best show ever) airs on the 23rd.

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