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Where can I find opportunity? My social worker said I can only move away from Red Deer if there is opportunity for me?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) December 29th, 2013

I don’t understand what he means by opportunity. He would prefer that I move to a large city. So I can Pick from Red Deer, Edmonton, and Calgary. I have an apartment until the end of January, then I check where on the waiting list I am on to get into Covenant house. I can’t move out of Red Deer without his permission, I was told I would be put on a community treatment order if I leave without his permission.
P.S. I think he means that I need to find a Psychiatrist and social worker in my new location.

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The 2 words, “leave” and “their” are confusing me @talljasperman. Added: Actually I know their is a typo.

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@flo How about now?

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Red Deer as a place to leave and the place to pick to pick from? It can’t be both.

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@flo I want to leave Red Deer.

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I suspect that you are not on a” treatment order ”( unconstitutional anyways…without your consent) as threatening you with one would keep you there in Red Deer, close to the institution, where they could keep an eye on your development.
As for opportunity…perhaps ‘a better opportunity” for a better life is what they meant.
Could be anything from living conditions,education opportunities,healthy living style
( exercise, Recreation etc)
It would not be a good idea to move “without” a good plan” in place.
So I would assume that they are looking out for your best interests in making sure that you can survive and start goals “after” you are settled into a place of your own?
This is what I think that they are suggesting.
Nice to have someone cover your back, so to speak in this way even though you may resent it?

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Opportunity to me is:

1) a job
2) a place to live
3) a support system ( Psychiatrist and social; worker ).

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What can total strangers possibly do to help other than provide moral support, which seems a feeble gesture, no matter how well meaning?

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Listening helps everyone.

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I am with @Tropical_Willie here; what they are looking for when they say “opportunity” is the means to support yourself. Say for the sake of discussion that you go to Calgary. Would you be sleeping on a park bench eating from dumpsters? If so, I can see why you wouldn’t be allowed to move. But if you had a place to live, you’d have a better shot at being allowed to move. A reliable source of income would also be a huge plus. I don’t know your entire situation, but it sounds like the availability of some sort of treatment is also a requirement for moving anywhere.

What is your plan for moving? Just GTFO and wing it? If that is your “plan” then anybody who cares about you will try to stop you until you get a more concrete idea of what to do.

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I am with @Tropical_Willie as well in regards to what you most likely will need. Given your history (from what you’ve shared with us), I think the first step is finding out if there will be a social worker and Psychiatrist that are able to start seeing you in the area you want to move to. Your current social worker might be able to help you with this as far as giving you recommendations on who to call. Once you know you will be able to continue with those, then you can start looking into jobs and places to live.

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