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If patients and doctors need permission from the Political State to do their business, shouldn't sexual partners also have to get State approval?

Asked by josie (27393points) January 3rd, 2014

Other than sexual relations, there is not much more personal than the relationship between patient and doctor. But Obamacare establishes that the doctor/patient relationship is not private, but that it engages the interest of the Political State, since the State uses tax money to pay for parts of the program
So how long until the glorious State is allowed to judge what elements of a sexual relationship conform to State standards. Whatever that may be, depending on the election cycle.
Within a range of 5 years.

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Oh, please.

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The doctor-patient relationship is not a personal relationship.
It is a business-customer relationship.

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The word is “privileged,” not “private” or “personal.”

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So a Department or Ministry of Hookups? Where can I sign up for the director’s position.

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We should all pitch in a few bucks to help Josie move to Canada.

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So why aren’t you bringing up Medicaid, which predates the AHA by a long time?

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@augustlan Not to mention CHAMPUS/Tricare.

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What an inept comparison. Last time I checked sexual partners do have to get state approval of conformity to standards, if they wish to be recognized in the eyes of the state as an official sexual couple in the institution of marriage. Seems as though the state, by and large, insists that marriage is between one man and one woman. Hey, funny how the people trying to get the state to continue to legislate this most personal of relationships by perpetuating such a definition are the very folks who cry foul when the state legislates non-personal relationships, such as the one between health insurer and patient.

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Could you come up with a more asinine comparison?

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The ‘Political State’ you talk of is only you and I and everyone else getting together to try to work out the best way to live together. It is democracy, the worst form of government except for all the others that have been tried as someone once said.

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An almost identical turd of a question is now festering in general. There’s nothing to address here, because the question is framed entirely in biased ideological term, with assertions and implied assumptions that have no basis in reality.

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Wait. So Obama will NOT be at my next gyno exam? This is bullshit.

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@momster I think you mean Uncle Sam. Haven’t you been watching your daily dose of Koch brothers propaganda? ;)

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