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When women wear leggings as pants, which of these are the better way of wearing them?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) January 7th, 2014

disclaimer if you do not care for these type of fashion questions, you do have the right to moce on, no one is forcing you to make a post of any kind.

When a woman wears leggings (thank goodness women who can pull it off, wear them around here; you can quip that if you please) as pants is it better, to wear dark colors, black, neon colors, pastel colors, some type of light print, a dark print, animal print, light shimmery leggings, dark shimmery leggings, or striped? Should there appear any writing or message on them? Best if warn with flats, low heel, high heel (4” or better), boots, Ug boots, flip flops, sneakers, or sandals?

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I wear leggings as pants with a long tunic top or short dress, usually with flat heeled, black, leather boots. Always black, not shimmery, no prints.

Matthew 5:28

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Doesn’t matter what the colour is, or what’s on your feet, but for heaven’s sake please wear them with a skirt or mini-dress.

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It depends on the coloring and personality of the woman wearing them.

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Leggings are NOT pants and should NEVER be worn as such. You might as well be wearing pantyhose or tights as pants. I always used to see girls on campus in leggings and tight tops. Gross. No one wants to see your camel toe.

Some girls can pull off the look @Seek_Kolinahr described with a long shirt – 80’s style. That’s cute. Leggings also look great with dresses and skirts.

I think solid colors work best – dark colors like black, brown or gray work in most cases. Patterned or brightly colored leggings are hard to pull off and should be the only “loud” item the girl is wearing. And please PLEASE no leather, shiny, or glittery leggings – EVER!

As for shoes, it depends on the outfit. I’d say flats or boots (preferably knee high winter or riding boots, perhaps with boot socks poking out the top). Definitely no sneakers. Heels would be fine if the outfit called for it.

I wear tights or leggings to work in order to make cute dresses and skirts office-appropriate. I have black, gray, and white – all opaque. Outside of the office, I like wearing short winter dresses with black leggings tucked into black heeled boots and boot socks that match the dress.

The trick is to keep it classy, not slutty or just gross. This is a fine illustration of my point.

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Depends on how much you want to show off and how of that sort of attention you might want.
I like seeing leggings with prints especially animal-fur-patterns.
Nothing wrong with leggings by themselves as far as I’m concerned but I imagine it depends on your neighborhood norms whether or not that will get people too excited.
Dark colors seem to be more modest as light colors seem so show contours more and are more of a hazard for apparent camel-toe.
And of course, do make sure they are as opaque as you think they are, in all the positions you might be seen in them. Take the lululemon test and bend over before deciding to wear your leggings without anything covering them.

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No, just regular black or solid colors but nothing bright unless it’s an 80s party or something.

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In my opinion, I don’t look good in anything similar to stretch pants.

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One day last week, a young woman who works for the court system, came down to my area to pick up a case record. She was wearing a cute pair of nude wedges (open toed, so really more appropriate for warmer weather), a plain white blouse, and the most horrid mustard yellow leggings! The whole outfit might have been OK but for the cellulite on her thighs and behind which was waaaay too visible. If she had put on a tunic top, again, maybe OK. Oh, did I mention she is a lawyer!? Yeah…
I have worn leggings as pants but only with a top long enough to cover my behind, and always with ballet flats.

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I don’t like the look of leggings as pants, but solid colors are the least hideous.
I think short leggings look cute under short skirts, and mini dresses. But I’m just not a fan of leggings as pants.

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They are not pants. Don’t use them as an alternative to pants and never ever wear them with short tops until and unless you want to end up looking half naked. Your tops should cover at least a little of your butt when you wear leggings. Short skirt with leggings is most popular among people. You can choose a plain top You can choose a denim or corduroy mini skirt and pair it with leggings in a coordinating color. The best choices for any outfit with leggings are flat shoes or sandals. You can wear ballet flats or gladiator sandals.

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(Observation) If one is covering them with a large top, or wearing them under a skirt, does not not mean they are wearing leggings as leggings? To wear them as pants would indicate they are not burying them under a skirt, wrap, large top, tunic or any such thing. Your comment to all those women who wear them sans cover is simply “don’t, there is no way you can look good in them no matter color, print, or material*?

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Well, more often than not, I wear long tops with jeans as well. I was assuming that “as pants” meant without another lower-body-specific garment, such as a pair of shorts or a skirt.

If you specifically meant “Which pair of leggings are the best for displaying the shape of your vulva?” why didn’t you ask that?

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^ If I had meant it that way I certainly would have said it. I was inferring to how many young ladies were them around here lately, which in large not as leggings but as pants with cropped jackets, regular shirts, or other ways in which the leggings and hips, I guess that would cover the crotch area as well, are not covered. Wearing leggings as paints can be more noticeable or not depending on the color, material, etc. Many times I see a young lady and only after she is passing or I am riding by that I notice she is wearing leggings as pants because from a distance they appear as skinny jeans. If they are animal print, or some neon pattern then I usually figure that out 40yds away. That is what I meant, now you know.

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I wear leggings a ton and I wear them with heels, flats, boots and tons more shoes, and I wear all of those just depends on what your wearing really.

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