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What do you think of when you hear '70s music?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7793points) June 28th, 2008

i think the 1970s had the best music on any station you’d listen to back then. makes me think of playing outside, rollerskating in the basement, girls, amusement parks before “theme” parks, road trips, camping in the sequoias.

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Riding in a car with my dad.

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I wasn’t alive in the 70’s.

But it still makes me think of good times because I have good associations with many of the songs.

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I wasn’t alive either, but the rock music of the time was some of the best (so were the 60’s and 80’s).

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I love 70s music. I am stuck in it. It makes me think of long evenings listening to records (shows age), riding around in the car, and youth.

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hearing stuff like crosby stills nash and young just makes me wanna pick up a guitar and write stuff…

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I wasn’t alive either but it makes me think of the glory days of rock. Ever since then rock just hasn’t been as consistently good as it was.

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@marina! exactly!

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I’m back in high school. I love XM radio’s 70’s on 7, especially when they play the old American Top 40 shows with Casey Kasem.

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@astro: 1970s REVIVAL bro! the music is so real because it’s real musicians and real instruments. to play and record music during the decade demonstrates true talent and gift. but more than anything, the music from that age is a flashback to all things family, good times and hard work. waxing nostalgic here. my bad.

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Depends on the specific music.

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My parents dressed me in really ugly clothes during the 70’s and I was too young to know better.

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@phoenyx: and if u look closely, today’s fashions are just revivals of the ‘70s from hair to purses to pants to shoes. did you ever think “wedged” shoes and gauchos would come back?

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Ah… Good times! When I was young and wild. I wonder sometimes how I survived the 70’s! Riding the Harley, going to CB breaks, the parties.. those were the days my friend!

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It makes me think of my girlfriend, because she was a 12–21 yo during the ‘70s and grew up mainly on 70s soft rock. I was born in 1973, and didn’t really discover pop music until 1980. (I remember “Whip It” and “Another One Bites the Dust.”)

My parents were into Kenny Rogers in the ‘70s, so there’s that, too.

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I was born in ‘65, so I grew up on ‘70s radio. Makes me think of sunshine, riding my bike, my sister’s Panapet radio, giant Pixy Stix, and OP shirts.

A while back, I put together a faux-broadcast of this kind of music in glorious AM-quality mono:

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Disco, my mum’s hotpants, my brother’s platform boots, greasy hair and bell-bottoms. Oh and it makes me feel like dancing!

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Also, the 70’s are a time when the world, outside of Jamaica, was discovering reggae music, because of Jimmy Cliff’s movie The Harder They Come. A lot of the music I play is reggae, especially Jimmy Cliff, most of which was recorded in the 1970s.

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@PnT Thanks, you are now for this round of Fluthering, my soundtrack.

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@pupntaco: groovy!

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Being a child. I remember riding in the car with my parents, and depending on which parent it was, I’d be rocking out or mellowing out. Either way, the most memorable songs are in my ipod today.

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Let’s see…A sit-in protest in my High School’s administration building, parties, live music during High School lunch by great musicians who would later form the group Toto (Jeff Porcaro was in my class and was already a renowned session drummer while still in high school having recorded on all the Steely Dan albums and dozens of others), party, party, party, pot (growing and consuming), acid, mushroom, peyote, dropping mescaline with an entire four story coed dorm full of students on New Years Eve at San Diego State College (several friends attended), pharmaceuticals (a nod to Quaaludes and Percodans), transcendental meditation, patchouli oil and incense, attending UCLA and watching two basketball National Championships, always interesting speakers and lots of protests, very long hair, Hollywood Boulevard, Westwood, the Beaches from Zuma to Santa Monica and Venice, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, concerts at least every other week (just the bands I saw at least a half a dozen times include Led Zeppelin, The Who, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, David Bowie, Johnny Winter, Jethro Tull), dating and then living with a Playboy bunny with music and auto and motorcycling racing connections (Linda Ronstadt, Eagles, Buffalo Springfield, Kim Carnes,etc.), more party, party, party, my first car, a Corvair, followed by a Vega (totaled following a Bowie as Ziggy Stardust concert), a Chevelle, a Cutlass and a couple of MGs, minibikes and motorcycles and did I mention party, party, party. And, of couse, I’ve just scratched the surface, considering I lived the 70’s between the ages of 15 and 25 yo. I finally settled down in 1980 when I got a “real job”, bought a house within a couple years, etc., but I digress, that being the 1980s. Sorry about the rambling, but you asked!

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dang that’s old

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Music from the 50–70’s just make me think of fun, simple laid back life and fun.

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That was kinda old school music 70’s and 80’s, really cool music, reminds me going to parties with lots of friends. Back then there were hardly any drugs nor alcohol in the parties I went to, so it was a lot of clean fun, like Marina says: “those were the days” John Travolta , The Jackson Five were popular then.

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Afternoon delight.

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sunshine of your love

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green plaid pants, pogo stick, hoola hoops, girls with strait hair, good times van, riding bikes

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I have to agree with everyone who said music and rock-n-roll. That’s the first thing that comes to mind. Next is the clothes. But I also am reminded of what a simple, laid-back lifestyle it was for me, at least. No locking of the doors, no closing the windows, I could ride my bike all over the neighborhood as long as I wanted with no fear of getting harmed and only had to be home by the time the proverbial streetlights came on, playing outside in the yard with other kids all day long, slip-n-slides during the summer, sleeping in tents set up in the backyard, going to the beach at night and sitting around a bonfire playing the guitar with a bunch of friends….the list goes on and on. Life was definitely less complicated back then and it was a lot of fun!

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I remember thinking how much it sucked. There was not much good 70s music. Yes, there was good stuff then, but disco was trashing the entire idea of music itself.

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Sex, drugs & rock ‘n roll.

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My mother when she was young. Creepy but true.

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We Will Rock You was played at ballgames. Love Songs remind me of dating days. Johnson Brothers Stomped at the Discos. Oh..and Grease WAS the word! :)

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Afros and Bellbottoms.

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When I hear 70s music, I think of hippies, being high, and drugs.


I think the 70s gave us some of the best, most original popular songs of all time. I always say the ONLY thing “good” that came out of the 1970s was its popular music, nothing else! I have always deplored the fashion, the social ambience, and the entire “look” of the 1970s. Yeech!

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I think of what a confused kid I was…abusive home. I lost myself in music and somehow got through it.

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I think the songwriters that wrote those great songs, must have died.

Todays music is not music.

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