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What was the best vacation you ever went on in your life?

Asked by jca (36062points) January 10th, 2014

Where did you go? What did you do? What made it great? Was it spontaneous or was it carefully planned?

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A staycation. I had rib steak and chicken thighs every night. For two weeks.

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My personal favorite was when my son and I went to Florida and Walt Disney World in 1998. His father had died a few months before so I arranged to take him to see his father’s sister and her family, and then to spend a few days in the theme park. The internet was very new for social purposes then, but I found out about some discount packages that made it affordable for us. We just relaxed and did what we felt like doing and had a great time. Please note that I do not like Florida or Disney theme parks, I don’t understand why some people only do Disney for their vacations. This just happened to be a special trip because of the timing and it brought us so close together.

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I backpacked and hitchhiked through New Zealand.

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A trip to Mexico when I was young and single and still drinking, five days of debauchery and no consequences.

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I was very stressed from work when i took my family and my Mom to Big Sur for a long weekend.
When we got close to the inn, my cellphone and my pager both lost signal. When we checked in, we found the room had no television.
In other words, we were cut off from the cares of the world.
3 days later, I was incredibly relaxed from just having my feet in the creek behind my room, and walking out on the beach.

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I rather enjoyed Ecuador. The pace was slow and the folks were nice.

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I spent ten days on Bonaire with my new husband for our honeymoon.

I was skeptical of spending all that time on a Caribbean island – since we live in Florida, I already see more sun and sand than I care to. But what we found was a desert island with kind people, rich culture, beautiful scenery, fascinating historical sites, and the friendliest semi-wild goats and donkeys you’ve ever met.

It’s the only time I’ve ever left the country, and it’s the last vacation I went on. That was in July of 2007.

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This question is so hard to answer. One of the best most carefree times I ever had on vacation was when I went with my dad to Cancun, MX. I was a teen, I went to college in a very cold place, and I asked him to take me to a place that was warm and sunny and I could get into the bars without being 21. It was perfect. Perfect weather, everything I asked for, I didn’t have to plan anything. I soaked up the vitamin D, went out dancing at night, one day we went to see pyramids. I had a great time. This was before Cancun was so built up, and as an adult I would not list it as a best vacation (I have been back in the last several years).

Another fantastic trip was an Alaskan cruise. I would do this again in a minute.

One last one I have to mention is when my husband and I were in Stowe, VT. Scenic and we loved the torus we took at Ben and Jerry’s and at the Von Trapp lodge and meeting the Von Trapps. There was a special event in Stowe that weekend that we had no idea would be going on, and one night downtown they had a band and everyone was out. It was fantastic. I want to go back to New England again with my husband, or NYS.

I thought I would mention that my parents and my maternal grandparents travelled many places, and all of them would probably list China as their number one vacation adventure.

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All of them.

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This is going to sound strange, as I’ve travelled a lot, but my best vacation was when I stayed home and did nothing. I went hiking once, but it was just not being at work that made it great. I went to see movies and eat alone and spent as much time as I wanted being alone.

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