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Business name ideas for a personal transportation/ companion/ errand service for seniors?

Asked by Logo (14points) January 15th, 2014

Clever, witty, cute – just something memorable. Nothing sickly pls (Touch of Class). Locally, Driving Miss Daisy, Home James & Girl Friday are already taken. Thanks!

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There was one in my area called “Stretcher Limo” – they were specifically nonemergency transportation for people bedridden or wheelchair bound.

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You’ve Got a Friend

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Silver Hermes.

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We’ll Take You There

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Charon Services.

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I’ve got quite a few great ones, but with a name like logo, shouldn’t you be coming up with these on your own instead of crowd sourcing?

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If you like simplicity, here in Boston and surrounding cities, The Ride is run by the MBTA and provides transportation for disabled persons and seniors who have vision or mobility issues.

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Golden Liberation Services

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^ Sounds like a catheter manufacturer.

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Trained Monkeys

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Senior Shuttle
That doesn’t fit the rest of the services…

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@Seek_Kolinahr Hmm… Would that be GO-lden Liberation Services?

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