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Is there life after Facebook?

Asked by antimatter (4411points) January 19th, 2014

Facebook users started to irritate me lately and I UN friend them all and I realized that Facebook is a complete waste of time.
What if something better than Facebook could hit the scene, like a supper fluther, twitter, YouTube ext…?

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In a word: Instagram

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I deleted my Facebook and don’t miss it at all! I find I am much more productive.
I think Google plus THINKS it will be the next big thing, but who knows…..

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Yes… real life.

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I don’t think there’s real life with FaceBook. Life is about interacting with people face to face, not with 0’s and 1’s.

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What if something better than Facebook could hit the scene, like a supper fluther, twitter, YouTube ext…?

…or maybe something like REAL LIFE?

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Well, there is email and telephones. If you are at all savvy you can host your own Facebook clone on a 5 dollar VPS that runs Wordpress and the Buddypress plug-in. Granted, you need to tell your current friends and family about it but it offers pretty much the same functionality. You can’t find that random girl from high school but you probably don’t want to hear what she sas to say anyway.

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All these sites are just tools for interacting with others – they are what the user makes of them. I stay on top of my privacy and preference settings so that the annoying stuff is minimal.

I just opted-out of Google+ and its Shared Endoresements and Targeted Advertising. I periodically go to Facebook’s Blocking tab and type the first few letters of common words in games and apps – like “bubble”, “farm”, “casino”, “poker”, “war”, “ville”, etc. – which brings a popup of the most popular Apps and I go down the list and block them.

Decide what purpose these sites/apps serve in your life and go through the user options to tailor the experience to your purpose. FB is best for maintaining contact with people and businesses you already know. G+ is better for connecting with people based on common interests. There is a lot of overlap, though (and as I write this, I realize that I haven’t used the G+ community pages much, and that might be a good resource for my personal health concerns). Instagram is a bit of overlap, but tied to photo or video imagery. IG recently added the ability to share content with just specific people as an added privacy measure, which I appreciate; but they still have a long way to go for user experience customization, though.

If you want to improve your activities off the net, then you can still use those sites to find places in your area that you might enjoy visiting. Another resource that I often recommend is, which is a site that allows people to organize get-togethers based on common interests.

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I have realized that Facebook has become something I participate in out of habit, not because I actually enjoy it. When I’m scrolling through the newsfeed I become increasingly annoyed with the cat picture posts and the chronic complainers who spend 90% of their day whining about their sad lives. I find myself unfriending so many people, at this rate I won’t have any friends left in a few weeks.

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I deactivated my FB account a few years back and never missed it.

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Facebook is crap.
My account lasted 4 days. 5 max.
“What if something better than Facebook could hit the scene…?” Better? Something like belly lint, toe jam, or smegma?

Gourd! I hope you don’t ‘Twatter’ that!!

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I find to be interesting. I’m a visual person so I like pinterest and a few photo sites. I assure you, there is life outside of Facebook and it’s great! I left over a year ago and never looked back!

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Facebook is just fine and it’s a great way to keep in touch with friends. As someone else said: it is what you make of it.

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@ItalianPrincess1217 I agree, what I even hate more on Facebook is when people post irrelevant crap like what they going to eat tonight or what they did for the day at the mall.
Like my sister in law who spends large amounts of money and than boasts about on Facebook. @SQUEEKY2 I am planing on doing myself, because lately I found myself getting very irritated with Facebook, it’s actually the low mentality that goes around it.
Good idea @johnpowell or I’ll just stick to fluther… @Espiritus_Corvus true and good point, what can we say about using fluther? Judging by your points you must be a regular at fluther… so much for life…

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I have to say that I’m puzzled when people complain about the inane stuff that others post on social sites… How can one complain, when these are the people one has chosen to follow? If you do not like what someone posts, stop following them. Choose to follow people who share your interests… it’s really that simple – just as you choose whom to hang out with in real life. Someone doesn’t like my cat photos? It’s cool, there are plenty of others who do.

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@hearkat The voice of reason and logic.

BTW, who doesn’t like cat photos?

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I only mantain my account with 1 friend (my wife) to mantain my fb-Group as an admin… I never missed it. I do not read nothing there… I only post photos in that group.
PATH is nice…

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@antimatter Judging by my points? 8,000 points in 3+ years? People have done that in 3 months. You got the wrong guy, pal.

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Sorry @Espiritus_Corvus if I offended you…

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