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Do animals know that they are in a zoo? If no, then is it possible for humans to be in a zoo and not know it?

Asked by talljasperman (21734points) January 19th, 2014

We put humans in cages, but can we do it where the person doesn’t know that they are in a zoo? Sort of like The Truman Show. What would let one know that one is on display secretly in a human zoo? Like having free health/dental care. etc..

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Animals in zoos are aware of their inability to leave the premises. And the more intelligent animals are certainly cognizant of both their imprisonment and all the humans watching them. It’s one reason primates in zoos are almost belligerent.

There was a tiger at the Oakland Zoo one time when I was there, in a model enclosure – high walls he couldn’t climb out of, a lot of open space, and plenty of room. But the tiger was still displaying a lot of stress behavior, pacing back and forth in a small area.

And humans would feel the same restriction to liberty.

It would only work as a zoo for humans if the whole world was an exhibit with some superior being watching us and observing us. But if that’s the case they’re doing a lousy job. A caring powerful zookeeper would stop all the fighting and population growth and pollution.

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I’ve actually wondered that! I think animals know what their space is and they know they can’t leave. How much awareness they have is lost on me. I really don’t know.

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It’s very possible that we are indeed living in a zoo. In fact the notion pretty much defines the Christian description of our existence here with the zookeeper promising to reward the more docile and compliant animals.

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@talljasperman‘s not supposed to know this! He’s catching on…

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@dxs What do we tell the others?

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Don’t tell them anything….......just fling more poop!

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