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So, what's your agenda?

Asked by DWW25921 (6453points) January 19th, 2014

Mainly, I’m here to unwind from my seemingly endless and horrifically boring online store work… Adding stuff, promoting stuff, labeling stuff… and the templates… AARGH!

On a more personal note I find myself wanting to promote my world view and ideals. I think I come across it honestly… I guess I’m just a promoter at heart! I think lots of folks are the same way…

I also enjoy the randomness of folks asking questions and discussing things that I’ve not considered. This is a fascinating place. So, what are you on about?

What are your goals here? What are your dreams? Why are you doing this, right here and now? What’s your agenda?

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I’m all alone in this homeless shelter apartment Fluther helps give me meaning. I prefer to socialize online at my own pace, where I can turn off the conservation by saying be right back. Also I feel productive when I am on Fluther and Answerbag, I am learning how to relate to other people, also I want to make friends. Here I get a taste of every discipline and every field, and culture.

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Well as most of you know I drive transport trucks for a living ,and would like to get people aware of sharing the road with big rigs and maybe get people to pay more attention while driving.
then maybe learn a thing or two while I’m here .

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Fluther agenda? I came to answer fluff questions that would keep my mind from thinking about the sadness in my life right now.

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@hey_now Join the club…I hope we can get your mind off of reality for a while…

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@talljasperman I can dig that. Feeling productive is important I think. I like to feel that too but sometimes it’s hard. My marriage is falling apart, that’s been on my mind a lot. I understand being alone although it’s not so bad if you believe in yourself. Just keep pressing on!

@SQUEEKY2 I live in a small West Virginia community with coal and log trucks whizzing past. It freaks me out sometimes. I guess local transport is different than long haul. I never see them on the highway. Probably because I doubt they’re legal!

@hey_now I understand more than I’m willing to share. I will say though that keeping busy is probably the best thing to do. I know it is for me anyway.

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If this is not a loaded question, I say why I am here I will spend the next 16 weeks debunking the lies about what I said.

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@Hypocrisy_Central It’s not loaded, I promise! I’ve had to do that too… Go back and rephrase, correct or scream… LOL

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Keeping busy is the best thing to do @DWW25921. Thank you for the reminder.

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@hey_now Here’s some mindless amusement for you.

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I am not allowed to say. :-(

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@ETpro I kind of left a few of mine out too… :) You like science and big words. I reckon that’s ok to say.

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@hey_now When you’re done with that one… You’re going to love this!

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I have a few:

To touch base with and follow some Jellies who I now, after 6½ years here, consider friends.

To participate in debates on topics I find interesting.

To share and learn about issues and topics from Jellies who are all across the globe, from all walks of life.

To get questions answered, usually in Social. Usually seeking Jellies’ opinions on issues, sometimes in General on something specific.

To check up on topics and questions I’m following.

To kill time.

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@jca I can dig that. It seems that reaching out is a common theme. I find that interesting. You are right to point out that the diversity here is fascinating!

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I’m gay, so…yeah.

Just ask any fundamentalist Christian what my agenda is, and they’ll be happy to tell you.

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I’ve come here to achieve mind control over all the jellies so they will help me take…........... ..........CONTROL….................OF…...............THE…..... ............WORLD!


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@Hawaii_Jake I’m a Christian and I used to be gay. I don’t know how fundamentalist I am though… LOL

@Jonesn4burgers awaiting orders…

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I have a three-pronged agenda:
1) Answer questions
2) Have some fun
3) Eat cookies

And two sub-agendas:
4) Ask an occasional question
5) Avoid drama

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@cookieman Cookies are awesome and your worldview intrigues me.

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To crush my enemies, to see them driven before me, and to hear the lamentations of their women.

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No agenda, just shits & giggles. It’s just a wee Q&A site tucked into a corner of the interwebz, nowt to get worked up about.

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^^ Preach brutha @ucme

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@ragingloli I figured it was something like that… must not show fear

@ucme Good times! :)

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I’m here to bring you all the truth one dick joke at a time.

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^^ Better than a dick punch.

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So… The joke? You’re leaving me hung pretty low here. That’s all I got.

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