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I feel very sad in the early mornings?

Asked by Mandeblind (420points) January 25th, 2014

Around 6–9.30. If I wake up and listen to the birds singing outside, and catch a glimpse of the light blue sky that just set in, I feel extremely sad. Aren’t I supposed to feel great?
Beyond sad, I feel depressed. My body fills in with the water of gloom or something. I don’t know how to describe it. When the sun comes up, everything gets better.

Can any of you relate?

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I have the afternoon shift of that!

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I have it often in the early mornings too.

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I used to get that feeling every single afternoon before the sun would set. Then it started happening 24/7. Now I just deal with it.

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Some people may feel sad and blue at times, especially in the morning. They feel completely overwhelmed by having to deal with the day ahead. It could be either stress related depression or anxiety, you have to get yourself motivated. Talk Therapies would prove to be useful. Having a pet also helps. Seeing them cheerfully waiting for you to wake up and take them out would definitely make you feel better.

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I usually feel happiest in the mornings. I am very much a morning person, and I wonder how much that influences the feelings.

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I can not relate.

Morning is the best. The air is cleanest, before all the cars come out, it is the quietest part of the daylight period, and the night skulkers have all gone home, or where ever they go.

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I’m always depressed that I have to get out of bed too…

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Anything in particular you can figure out is bothering you? I get up, the nice hot shower is great, the coffee is good, then I go into my office all alone and my mood crashes.

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I certainly can relate. It takes me a while to feel even remotely happy in the morning. I feel often it is just the “winter blues.” In the summer it is much easier to to get going in the mornings, most likely because the weather permits sitting on my porch with a smoke and a nice cup of tea or coffee, enjoying the view.

I’ve also adjusted my work schedule so that I can take a good 2 hours or so for myself each morning as the sun comes up. I use this time to do yoga, read, draw, or just play with the cats. I let myself indulge in the mornings and the rest of my day goes much smoother. Since doing this I’ve also gotten much better sleep!

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