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Do you dress impractically to look better?

Asked by guywithanaccountnow (313points) January 25th, 2014

Avoid carrying a backpack because it isn’t trendy, dress in clothes with less pockets than you need, etc.

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Only on special occasions.

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I’m an over 55 male living in snowy, Western NY. Unless we are going to a funeral, we dress for the weather and wear whatever clothes are still clean in our closets.

It seems like Jr High and High School girls are the ones that really push the limits of impracticality. Snow a foot deep and they are walking to school in skin tight pants a tiny jacket and a stupid, useless hat that the latest heart-throb on a magazine cover wore once when the photographer decided her hair was not quite right. Put some clothes on!

I do put on a sport coat and tie when I make a presentation to a customer.

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When I was younger you could find me in a short dress with short sleeves freezing on line to get into a night club.

I still sometimes am in jeans that are too tight for me for a few hours.

Sometimes a pair of shoes bother my foot or feet a little, but never extreme.

For the most part though, I wear clothing that is comfortable. Maybe not as comfy as pajamas, but comfortable.

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Definitely. Loose jeans, cotton granny panties, a sports bra, and an oversized t-shirt with unstyled hair and not a single drop of makeup on my face would be a lot easier and more comfortable, but I put a lot of effort into how I look because I want to feel confident when I walk out the door – not sloppy, fat, and ugly (how I’d feel in the aforementioned state).

I wear snug jeans to accentuate my body shape, a tight cami beneath all my shirts to give me a smoother, thinner appearance, and 3–4 inch heels with a dress/skirt and tights to work. It takes me a solid hour, sometimes more, to get ready in the morning – 15–20 minutes of that is makeup and another 15–20 minutes is hair. It’s worth it to feel good about how I look.

Some people go through much more than I do to look good. I don’t wear 6 inch heels and I don’t care a whole lot about current trends, but I’m far from a “give me 15 minutes and I’ll be ready” kind of girl. I’m the girl that takes 15 pairs of jeans into the dressing room and comes out with one that she likes. I’m the girl that can walk into Sephora and spend $300 without even realizing it.

People can all me vain or insecure, but I don’t care. I enjoy looking good. And I do it for me, not to impress people.

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I’m pretty practical with the clothes I wear. I’m not “trendy” at all. Most of my clothes are from the thrift store, and I always carry a backpack around. (I never knew that carrying a backpack wasn’t trendy haha) I prefer not to follow what is popular when it comes to clothes because I value my originality. I appreciate hygiene, though, and am big on it myself.

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I should’ve said ‘because you thought it wasn’t trendy.’ I wasn’t taking a position.

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@guywithanaccountnow I knew what you meant.

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If my clothes are too tight and my shoes uncomfortable, it shows in my body language and on my face and doesn’t make me look good. I look fabulous now because I am dressed to survive today’s wind chill of minus 10˚ F and the snow that seems to be blowing sideways (probably forwarded by @LuckyGuy, thankyouverymuch).

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Definitely when it comes to shoes! I would love to wear my Nikes everywhere but they don’t get me the look I’m going for.

One thing that bugs me though is when women (it’s almost always women) dress very inappropriately for the task at hand. They wear something nice with heels to a picnic and then can’t do anything put sit and look pretty. You also see this phenomenon at Disneyland. – women all gussied up and in impossible shoes walking mile after mile – why??

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The last time I did was for a wedding. I wore the shoes for the wedding, then took them off as soon as the pictures were done. And even then I had blisters. Why is such nonsense necessary? Seriously!

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On occasion, yes! I enjoy looking my best and if it means having to be uncomfortable at times, then I don’t personally mind. Formal dinners for example, call for high heels. As much as I love them, they can get quite painful if worn for a long time. But because I look nice, I’m okay with a foot soak once I get home.

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@snowberry Blisters are from ill fitting shoes not heel height or a certain fashion. “Comfortable” shoes can give you blisters if they are too loose and rub.

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@JLeslie Yes, I know, but it was my new daughter in law, and she insisted I HAD to wear a certain pair, nothing else would do. Never again. Ever, ever!

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@snowberry She was wrong to do that.

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@JLeslie My body and feet don’t work with heels. She wanted me to be in heels, and that was the main problem.

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I do once in a blue moon. Like @snowberry, for weddings or other fancy occasions. I’m just a jeans and T-shirt type of gal, thankfully my job allows it!
However, being from west michigan, I tend to dress a little too lightly in the spring… Only because I’m excited for summer to come!

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