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What do you think is the State of the Union?

Asked by Strauss (20385points) January 27th, 2014

This evening, the President of the US will deliver his annual State of the Union address, as required by the Constitution. No doubt there will be much discussion, as well as several other “SOTU” addresses by the opposing party and others. I look forward to these discussions, but I want to know what YOU think is the state of the United States. Are you optomistic, pessimistic, idealistic, realistic, or just “bleh”?

I am especially (but not exclusively) interested in opinions by those of you who are not from the US.

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I love them, I watch to learn how to give public speaking. Also It’s like a new years resolution for the government. Being Canadian its good to know how the neighbours are doing. I think last year or the year before that, that the states is trying to have Wi-Fi free for 97% of America. Then I get to watch Canadian speech from the throne to see if any goodies are inside.

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A waste of everyone’s time.

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Ready to be broken up.

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I think the state of the union is belly-up, circling the drain.

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I’m pretty “bleh” really. And I’m not much interested in hearing the inane back-and-forth between members of the Party.

BTW: the State of the Union address itself isn’t actually mandated by the Constitution. The Constitution just requires that the President make some kind of periodic report to Congress. Before Woodrow Wilson this was usually a written report. Now it’s basically just another speech for the public, but since it’s done in front of Congress it fulfills the Constitutional requirement.

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The Titanic was a safer place to be. At least there was a chance of getting rescued.

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All in all, the State of the Union is pretty good. Economy is doing pretty well, stock market is way up (although sold off the last three days). Crime is down. School shootings are up, but the Senate and House are okay with that, as are most Americans. Oh, pot legalization has made great headway, as has marriage equality.

And everyone has access to health care. Pretty good all around.

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A nationally televised campaign speech. Always inspiring.

17 trillion in debt, 120 trillion in unfunded liabilities. A sorry state.

But the good news somebody else will get stuck with the tab! Let’s keep partying!

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I think California will be split into two states if they can’t get the budget under control. And Area 51 will be part of another state.

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I am optimistic but with over 47 million people on food stamps more than double in 2008 things are far from the rosy picture Obama will attempt to paint.

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I too am worried about 47 million people on food stamps, especially since Congress has just cut that part of the budget waaaay down. So that all those lazybones poor people can get off their cushy sofas and start working at the excellent jobs that are just begging to be filled.

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My son’s wages went down from $15 an hour to $10 an hour. My husband used to make $18 an hour. Companies aren’t paying that anymore. Yes, jobs were created, but they are all low-pay jobs, or rocket scientist-type jobs. I looked around town to see what I could find for my son, and discovered that $10—$12 an hour is the going rate – with $12 being for people who provide their own tools and have a good trade. My son is a die-cutter and a machinist. He made $37,000 in 2012 and made $22,000 in 2013. My auto mechanic son made $45,000 in 2012, and made $32,000 in 2013. The drop seems to be all across the board, unless you have a government job. Plus everything keeps going up. I just feel like the people have finally been squeezed dry.

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It’s not an easy question. To my mind, things look pretty grim, and I only hesitate to pronounce the country beyond salvage because I can remember when I was 10 and my father assured me that the country had “gone to hell”. My compass may very well be defective due to the pessimism that apparently accumulates with age.

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