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Do you have anyone you have been friends with your entire life?

Asked by anniereborn (9689points) January 29th, 2014

Not just someone you have known your entire life, but been really close to.

The only ones I have like that are my two sisters.

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P.S. I think other than my sisters, the closest was my friend Michelle. I met her in kindergarten and we stayed pretty darn close till about age 25.

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My brother, and my oldest friend. The world may change, people may leave me, but they will remain with me forever.

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My sister. She is two and a half years younger than me, so really she has known me her entire life.

I have one friend from 5th grade who I have stayed pretty close with, but not in constant touch. Not close close girlfriends, but still definitely continue to be friends. We visit each other now and then (we have lived in different states at times, and sometimes different cities even when we live in the same state). I see her on facebook. She isn’t the person I call in a crisis, but we have a long history together.

My mom has a close girlfriend since Jr. High. My grandma had a dear, dear, close, I would say best friend, who she knew since elementary school until when she died in her late 80’s. My dad is still in very close touch with a couple Jr. High friends; I refer to them as my uncles. I just saw one of them a month ago, because I was drving near his city and stopped by.

If you move a lot when you are a kid it’s harder to have friendships from veru very young ages.

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I do not, but my wife is still close friends with a girl she met in kindergarten. Almost 40 years now.

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Yes, there is such a person, or rather was. We first met in primary school when I was 4 years old and we have been friends ever since. It is odd that this question is being asked now just two days before his funeral. He has been on my mind a great deal.

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I have a friend whom I’ve know since we were 5 or 6. For my birthday a few years ago she sent me a flyer for a play our class put on in kindergarten. The photo is priceless. I dare not say how long ago that was.

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@flutherother My condolences on the loss of your dear friend.

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@flutherother I’m so sorry for your loss. Having to lose such a dear friend… It’s just what I don’t want to imagine.

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I have three bffs with whom I am much closer than my siblings.

The first two have known each other since they were 3, as their families attended that same house of worship. I was in Kindergarten with one, and she lived a few houses away; the other was in First Grade with the both of us, so we have known each other over 40 years now.

My third bff and I met when we were in high School through common friends, so we have known each other for over 30 years, and she is the person I am closest to in life, other than my fiancé.

My oldest friend and I are not very close, but we stay in touch on FB. My first memory in life is of her mother carrying her out of the car when they came home from the hospital – I was about 20 months old. That memory is fading as I approach 50… now I mostly remember remembering it – if you know what I mean.

@flutherother – Wow. It’s a reality check hearing you say that. I do contemplate that my fiancé and I will be separated by death, but I hadn’t really thought about losing one of my bffs… that’ll be really tough, because they are my true family. My deepest condolences to you.

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Does since I was three years old count?

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Yes. I’m still very close to a friend I met when were six. That’s not my “entire life,” but it comes pretty close. Interestingly, our mothers were actually acquaintances during their high school days, though they weren’t close friends.

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Nope, no friends and not that close with my siblings. I moved around too much when I was a kid.

My oldest friends date to when I was ten.

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Siblings aside I have a BF I have known for 45 of my 53 years.

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Like @picante, I consider these people that I met in early childhood and even teen years as close enough to “my whole life” since I don’t remember much of my life without them in it. If I were in my mid-twenties, perhaps the friend I met in my teens I wouldn’t count – but since it’s now been over ⅔ of my life that I’ve known her and she is like a sister to me (strangers even ask of we’re sisters, even though we look nothing alike), I felt she qualifies to this question.

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My oldest friend, I’ve known since we were in 7th grade. I moved a lot before then and didn’t keep in touch with anyone—it’s hard when you are 7 to do that!

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Only the voices in my head.

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I have been close friends with Jerry since the first day of kindergarten.

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My penis & I are very close.

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My relationship with my sibings is too tumultuous to be considered “friendship”, and I moved around a lot as a child.

My longest-running friendship dates to 10th grade, so 13 years or so.

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Yes, about four people.

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I met my best friend when we were in 3rd grade (8 years old, 9?) and he died when we were sixteen. He was my longest, closest friend.
The only other person I would count is my brother.

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No. Not even my family (I probably wouldn’t be friends with most of them if they weren’t related to me). The nearest to it is my partner, who I met when I was 18.

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My two brothers and 2 very close friends from high school.

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Outside of my immediate family I would say no. My closest friends, which were few, had passed on. I’ve made a few new friends though through different places that I’ve worked at.

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My oldest friends I met on Oct. 3, 1973. One of them I am still married to, the other is a business partner. Not my entire life, but a good ⅔rds of it.

I have renewed acquaintance with a couple of people I knew in the late 60’s and I guess we are still friends but not close. It has been over 40 years since I have seen any either of them.

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