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Who is your favorite anime character?

Asked by 2TFX (435points) January 30th, 2014

Mine is Sakura from Naruto.

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Ash from Pokemon. Does that count? It’s the only Japanese animation I ever watched.

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Lita Kano… Sailor Jupiter.

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Does Ayumi Shinozaki from Corpse Party: Tortured Soul counts?

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Ritsuka, Soubi, Nisei, and Seimei from Loveless, as well as Mello, Matt, Near, and L from Death Note, and Ed, Envy, and Roy from FMA. I have so many favorites but they’re my top picks

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Vegita from Dragonball Z, hands down. (but fuck that guy in GT) Not only did he save a whole planet just to destroy it after, but he actually cried in another episode, too. And somehow, it wasn’t wussy. I mean it would be, but compared to Kakarot…my god. Anyways, can’t help to have a soft spot for a guy who’s sole reason to even be in the anime is to fuck shit up. Women, get me a towel!
I mean, the guy let a villain live, in hopes that he would grow stronger, and be more of a challenge later. (this, traded for being praised as a hero for saving the world, had he killed him there and then)

Second in command would be Hotaru Tomoe from Sailormoon. She may be all weak and innocent, but she has the ability to destroy the whole world. It’s always cool when a character is something, but then their job doesn’t fit with their personality. Much fun to be had. Silence Glaive, FTW.

Third would be Ricardo from El Cazador de la Bruja. Guy never does anything, but that’s always what makes anime characters cool, because when they finally DO do something, it’s all badass and shit. He always has this little girl traveling with him, and one time, one of his old friends goes, why is that girl with you? Where do you think you are, in some kind of samurai movie? (making the most excellent reference to Lone Wolf and Cub I’ve ever heard of, ever)

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Armin Arlert, Captain Levi, Makoto Tachibana… those are the ones I happen to be obsessing over at the moment!!!

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