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How do I get stickers off of my MacBook?

Asked by willbrawn (6609points) June 29th, 2008 from iPhone

I put stickers on my mac and I want to get them off. Is there a chemical I can use to remove them so the sticky crap dosent stay on?

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alcohol and things like that can loosen it all up, but look for Rapid Remover. it’s used in my printshop as a way to remove vinyl adhesive clue that’s left on. more than probably what your smaller stickers and decals leave. :p dunno where you can buy it, but be sure to have something like a spatula to get under the gunk once it’s loose.

then just scrape it all lose and you should be good. give it a nice shine once you’re done. ;D

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Goo gone.

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GooGone is good on the plastic cases. Alcohol is good on the metal ones.

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The outer shell of a MacBook is made of plastic.

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Been there, done that…

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@beast Not disagreeing, expanding.

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I third the goo gone, I love it!

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There is also Goof Off and I found Oops! under my sink…

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if you’ve never tried it before, you should: LIGHTER FLUID

I work at a retail store that puts stickers on its window displays, and to wash off the residue after peeling stickers, we put lighter fluid straight onto the paper towel and then wipe… works perfectly and leaves no streaks

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throw away your macbook and get a pc!

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flag as: incorrect?

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A household fix I’ve used to remove sticker goo is nail polish remover. I recommend double checking to make sure it doesn’t melt the cover though before dousing your mac in it.

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