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How can I learn to cope with my impatience with waiting? It's like my life is on hold.

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) February 1st, 2014

either waiting for pizza or waiting for a doctors appointment, how can I learn to cope…

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? Don’t you have a smartphone you can stick your face into while you wait?

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@trailsillustrated No my phone came out when apps were built in… in 2003. I can do basic math… I might sneak my laptop into the doctors office but I would probably have to turn it off.

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Waiting is a very difficult process for anyone. One of the things that could help you overcome this situation is to try to keep busy during the waiting period. If you are at a clinic bring a book or listen to music to keep you busy. While waiting for delivery boy, watch TV, engage in some household chores or may be you can try calling your friend or anyone else. Practice some deep breathing and muscle relaxation exercises to relieve stress and improve self control when in such situations.

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Achieve things. While you’re waiting for a pot of water to boil, wipe your kitchen counter and cabinets. During the eternity it takes to backup your computer, organize your desk and dust your keyboard and monitor. If you’re often stuck in bad traffic, play some tapes or CDs to learn a new language. While you wait for the pizza deliveryman, write to your mother or grandmother (they both prefer a real letter to an email message). If you can’t go out because you’re expecting an important phone call, tackle the dirty bathroom or a pile of ironing.

I think of it as succeeding in-between the moments.

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Why are we in such a hurry?You say your life is on hold… where do you need to be while waiting 20 minutes for a pizza?When I was young, like 10 years old or so, there was no Internet, I had 4 TV channels (that I had to physically get up to change), and my only phone was attached to the kitchen wall with a cord. Life was slower. You were forced to wait for someone to come home from work or school to get them on his/her home phone. No texts, no answering machine, no instant gratification. You had to wait for the mailman. Stores didn’t open on Sundays until 1pm. I only saw every episode of ‘Married with Children’ because it was the only alternative to the late night news.
I guess the reason I mention all of those things is that half of my life was spent waiting, it seemed. Now that none of that is true anymore I am very impatient, as well. I just try to slow down and look around me. People watch. The truth is we DO have time to relax, we just forget.

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Hey look on the bright side: At least you’re not rushing life. Enjoy every moment.

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I find carrying a good book around and pulling it out helps time go by so I am not anxiously waiting.

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I thought you mentioned that you were going to spend a little time each day learning a new language with Duolingo? That’s a perfect way to pass 20 minutes. Which language had you been thinking about trying?

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Many people report feeling much less anxiety if they masturbate before waiting for their pizza.

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Patients in our waiting room bring books, knitting, puzzle books, and electronic gadgets to occupy them. Some people have a need to be occupied or pre-occupied all the time. I think it is partly in how they are wired, but I mostly believe that people use it as a distraction from whatever they’re unhappy about.

I sometimes just sit quietly and enjoy the down-time. I made the receptionist at my Doctors’ office nervous… she leaned out the window to let me know there were magazines on the table right next to me. I thanked her and when right back to doing nothing. I might people-watch and observe what is happening around me. I’ve learned that getting antsy just makes it seem longer.

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Carry around a book of poetry. Poems are the perfect amount of reading for those spare 20 minute or half hour chunks of time.

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Have you tried meditation or yoga.

If that doesn’t work, there are always drugs available, both legal and illegal.

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It requires persistent and determined effort, but believe me the benefits make the effort more than worthwhile. It boils down to a matter of “practice”.

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