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Low Battery Cell Phone Death Stories: Do they hold any truth?

Asked by pleiades (6576points) February 2nd, 2014

For instance check this out

Supposedly these victims are dead because of electrical shock to the heart because their cell phone batter is low and supposedly there is a surge of radiation which causes electric shock… IDK is this stuff real?

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Snopes has a few things to say.

Too bad facts don’t matter to some people who prefer to sensationalize everything and blow it out of proportion.

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Nonsense. Someone in the comments section found that the posting is a scam. The kid was injured while playing with fireworks and the phone was damaged by leaving it in a hot car.

Counterfeit lithium ion batteries have been known to catch fire but this is rare and usually when they device is hot. The batteries are cheap knock-offs usually made by a factory in china who copied the design and tooling without knowing how the device really works.

Charge your phone in a place where there is air circulation: flat on a table, not in the sun and not on a heat register or wrapped in blankets. The battery will last longer.

Will this info be spread as widely and the misinformation? Probably not.

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What a bunch of nonsense. You do not charge cellphones with the full 240 volt. There is a reason why chargers are also adaptors.

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@ragingloli Exactly. Imagine the unlikely case where the power adapter suddenly develops two shorts at the same time in different coils and connects line current to the device. (This remote possibility can occur if struck by a bullet, or run over by a car.) Know what happens? Nothing. The very first stage in the phone is diode protection and filtering. The phone effectively disengages itself instantly. It never sends 240 volts anywhere.
These posts are ridiculous. I wonder who benefits by them.
Maybe the NSA can use their data files to trace the source so the perps can be publicly embarrassed.

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Probably exaggerated but I will add this….when I was 12 and had braces…(not totally sure if the braces had anything to do with it) I went to test a 9 volt battery the old fashioned way by touching if to my tongue and when I did there was a massive bright flash with a loud pop and I felt like I was sucker punched by Mohammad Ali. The battery now was totally dead and my jaw was sore as he!!.

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… what the hell?

Some people will believe anything.

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I would be dead like 6546513515365313 times already.

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I personally don’t believe any of them, but I don’t doubt there’s possibility of phones having gone haywire, however I do feel most of the photos don’t match the stories. Plus I have a sensationalist FaceBook poster on my feed.

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“Surge of radiation”

facepalm, no kidding it’s sensationalist, the masses are pretty stupid when it comes to this kind of stuff, they all think “radiation” means nuclear radiation, but light is a form of radiation, so are radio waves, cell signals, wifi, Bluetooth, heat, which one is it? Maybe they mention in the article but I don’t feel like reading it, dealing with this new UEFI bios has annoyed me enough for one day.

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