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I want to change my name, any information on this?

Asked by jeremy0207 (202points) February 3rd, 2014

There’s a story behind it, I’m sure you don’t want to know it, but I want to change my name and I have heard that you have to pay in order to do this (if you’re under 18). Now if you’re 18, it’s free?

Is this correct?

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First name, last name, what state do you live in and do you have one or both parent’s consent? (Google “name change <state>” and all your questions will be answered.)

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It varies by state, but usually is fairly easy. Call your local government or county courthouse or google your state’s or county’s website and ask about name change. It should provide you with the steps. Usually it costs some money to file the forms. I know many people who have changed their name, it isn’t a huge big deal usually.

For my FIL several years ago I just paid $10 to pick up the paperwork at the courthouse. I think he paid a fee to hand them in and went before a judge to get it all finazed. Took a couple of months start to finish.

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It’s not a big deal, but it takes about a month, and it will run you a couple hundred dollars.

In my area (Atlanta) you would do the following:

- County Clerks office, get the paperwork, fill it in, file affadavit that you are not doing this for fraudulent purposes.

-Pay the clerk $100 (or whatever the fee is these days)

-Advertise for four weeks in the legal newspaper for your jurisdiction (lets the world know that you are doing this and gives them time to object.

- If no objection, then county clerk calls you and sets up a court date. Appear in court, say that you are doing this of your own free will, and… they sign the papers.

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@elbanditoroso is right, this is step by step instructions. I am sure you would have to be over 18, and the only way it is free is if you can verify that you have no income.

Just a quick word of wisdom from my dad; he said that if you are dissatisfied with your name, it means that you are dissatisfied with yourself. I think he is right, When I was young, I hated my name, probably because I didn’t have much value in myself, but as I matured and got over my many insecurities, I really liked my name.

You didn’t really say what the name change is all about. My husband was raised under his step-father’s surname. All of his school records and everything was under that name. Then, at the age of 40, the DMV informs him that he has to use his “real” last name. He was so upset that he went without a driver’s license for a few years, until I helped him legally change it to the name he had always gone by.

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@Skaggfacemutt That’s very nice of you to help him out. I’m glad, and he can be right, yet I want to change my name because (long story short), I am adopted, I went through alot of stuff, my current mom tells me things about my bio. mother that are not very nice and I just feel I am carrying that shame or that I am carrying bad things in me.

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@jeremy0207. Get some information from your local probate court. This is very easy to do in the internet age; just go to the probate court’s website and find the applicable guidelines. Depending on where you live, you may or may not be able to change your name, without a parent or guardian’s consent, before you reach age 18. There may or may not be a fee.

The particulars vary among jurisdictions, but the fundamental law is consistent – unless you’re seeking an alias to commit fraud, or to hide from past malfeasances, it’s very easy to change your name.

I passionately hated my first name, so I changed it. I don’t recall paying a fee, but I do remember that the procedure was amazingly simple, fast, and painless.

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I’m sorry for you, @jeremy0207 . Changing your name isn’t hard, but I think the healthier approach would be to address your issues with your mom or bio-mom, whichever. If you are secure in yourself, you could have a name like Fosdick Pumpernickel and be good with it.

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@jeremy0207. Your question concerned the procedures for changing your name, and whether the process is expensive or complicated. I hope I was helpful.

With all due respect to my Jelly-mates, I don’t understand why some of you have a need to question @jeremy0207‘s motives. He didn’t ask, “Should I change my name?”; he said, “I want to change my name”. He didn’t ask whether a name change would be healthy, or whether he has issues to address.

Usually, the best way to provide an answer is to begin by really hearing the question.

I come in peace, Jellies, and I leave you in peace.

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I think the poster got all the pertinent information he needed regarding his question. Sorry that we had an actual conversation. It’s the “mom” in me. If one of my kids asked how to change his name, I would delve into the reason behind it and try to help him with the deeper problem.

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