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Do you think people take themselves and the world around them way too seriously, or for the most part have a live, and let live type of approach?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (13340points) February 3rd, 2014

In your opinion are people way too serious about themselves and the world around them, or do you think most have a laid back attitude with a live and let live approach ?

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I have seen a few get quite upset at questions and things like (people are very uptight over their politics) and then blow a fuse by saying NOT all people are uptight,knowing full well the asker wasn’t trying to come off with the type of approach, hence my asking do you think (and I will word this carefully as to not upset the uptight crowd )MOST people take themselves and the world around them way to seriously?

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I’d say people tend to take themselves way too seriously, and the world around them not seriously enough.

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It is obvious to me some most definitely ,this very question was pushed to editing because I failed to make to into too. now the is super serious.LOL

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Depends on the person and the subject. Some things are just not worth it. Others may be the line-in-the-sand type of situation.

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@ So your saying not enough people are sticks in the mud??

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Some thing’s need to be taken seriously and some thing’s don’t. If we were all apathetic, it would be an even sadder world.

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Oh I see ,when I say MOST people are super crappy drivers ,and can prove it with over twenty years of earning a living on the highway, and the carnage and death I have witnessed in that time frame, I am told to chill out and relax don’t let it get to ya,your not going to change anything, but those same people get all bent out of shape over a spelling mistake, or a punctuation error.

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@SQUEEKY2 I wonder who was more bent out of shape: the mod who sent the question back to you, or you about having to correct the error?

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I think anonymous persona’s of internet social sites give some people license to take themselves WAY too seriously and more so than I perceive them to be in their real lives.

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@thorninmud without a doubt me, for something so petty. to into too ,oh the horrors !

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My Zen teacher once told me, “If you want to see if someone takes himself too seriously, give him a compliment or an insult, then watch the reaction”.

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Absolutely, when, in reality it is all an illusion. Nobody gets out of here alive. haha
I have always been a very responsible type but more and more lately I have a “fuck it all” attitude. Especially when it comes to my money, debt and bills after being wrecked with the economic downturn the last handful of years.

I am still paying all my bills and debt but more and more I think ” so what?” If our government can be trillions of dollars in debt I am not going to seriously sweat my modest ( by most standards ) debts. After 35 years of being a model citizen if I have to default on some debt at some point, oh well…really, in the grand scheme of things nothing really matters in an absolute way.

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As a live and let live guy myself, I don’t really care how others take themselves and the world around them.

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