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Which is the best pregnancy hospital in Bangalore?

Asked by sharmapk752 (8points) February 6th, 2014

Hi Friends,
My wife is eight month pregnant & stay near by Jayanagar Bangalore. I’m looking for a good doctor who prefers normal delivery. Also, am looking for a hospital with good equipment’s & facilities which helps during pregnancy.
Can anyone please advice me?

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Since you stay near Jayanagar Cloud 9 would be the best option as they are well known for their best service. Dr Praveena Shenoi is the best doctor there. “Motherhood” which is in Indira nagar is also a good choice. Dr. Disha Sridhar or Dr Vijayalakshmi are two best doctors of Motherhood hospital.

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@Smitha Holy crap. That’s amazing! I wish I could give a million GA’s on that answer.

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What is the best pregnancy hospital in Winfield, Kansas @Smitha? Whip out that magic ball!

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@Dutchess_III and @Adirondackwannabe There is nothing to be surprised here. I have stayed in Bangalore for five years so I know the places quite well. Moreover couple of my friends have delivered in the hospitals mentioned above. I just asked them.

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I love the surprises we get here! Thanks!

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