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How can I, as an individual prevent pollution?

Asked by Jcamella (17points) February 6th, 2014

I really want to help my community to prevent pollution. I need some guidelines on maintaining hygienic environment.

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You can’t do very much. Sure, you can do some highly local things – talking to stores abut reducing waste and pollution. But pollution is a global problem, involving all industries all over the place. So the achievement of one person in one town is possibly useful, but there are far too many pollution sources everywhere else for you to make a significant difference.

So it’s great to be involved and idealistic. But be realistic about the effect of hat you are doing.

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I think the only way a single person can help,is by not contributing to it,try and recycle as much as possible ,try and cut down on your use of electricity ,and don’t use the car as much but that is about it.

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@elbanditoroso Nice attitude. Just what got us into this mess.
@Jcamella Just make every effort you can to reduce waste, cut your use of energy, and recycle everything you can. Learn everything you can about energy use and act according to your wishes to reduce your carbon footprint. Do you know the disposable grocery bags are more energy efficient than reusable bags for the first 130 times? But that 131 use is all gravy and it adds up from there.

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You don’t have to make the air perfect all by yourself. Simple things like combing car trips to cut down on mileage helps. Even better, ride a bike for close random trips.

Plastic bags were just made illegal where I live. Everyone now carries cloth or canvas ones when they go shopping in Safeway. You can still get paper but it is 5 cents a bag. This will probably do the most to help the environment. Plastic bags are the devil.

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@Adirondackwannabe – just being realistic. It took a lot of people to create the pollution, and it’s going to take a lot more than one person to get out of it.

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@elbanditoroso I know. Yeah I agree, but we need to start somewhere don’t we?

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@Jcamella Do you compost? That’s a simple way to reduce the waste stream.

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It’s the old mantra of reduce, recycle, re-use. Pay attention to what you’re throwing away. Compost (if you have a yard to do this in) any organic matter possible. Any time you need to replace something in your house, make sure that you’re choosing things like energy efficient appliances or low-flow toilets. Look at the amount of packaging that a product has. If it’s not all necessary, consider writing to the manufacturer about changing it. And consider not buying it if you don’t have to.

One caveat – be sure to find out how anything that is labeled “less waste,” “more efficient,” or “environmentally friendly” is made. For example, many people tout hybrid cars as great for the environment without knowing the environmental issues around making them.

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You can take care of your own pollution and make a small impact. Or you can spread the word via social media and show how it benefits the individual to do the same.

If women chose men based upon their treatment of the environment, more guys would recycle and ride bicycles to work.

Does he throw trash on the ground? If yes: Dump him. He is a pig and will only give you years of heartache if you move in together.
Does he drive a car that gets terrible gas mileage? If yes: Dump him. His lifestyle will cost you a fortune later.
Does he live in a huge place that wastes resources? If yes: Dump him (See above)
Does he need fancy clothes. If yes: Dump him. He is using clothing to make up for a personal insecurity.
On the other hand…
Does he recycle and pick up trash? If yes: Marry him. It shows he respects the environment and is willing to help and take responsibility for himself and around the house.
Does he drive a vehicle suited for the area and his needs? If yes: Marry him. His lifestyle will enable you to enjoy much more later.
Does he live in a conservative house: If yes: Marry him. (See above)
Does he dress conservatively and ignore the latest fashion trends? If yes: Marry him. He is a confident man comfortable in his own skin.
All these factors have an effect on the environment – and by the way, your personal happiness.

Avoid the big timer who only drives his Hummer H3 in the city. He is using it to make up for some significant shortcomings that will only be become evident after you move in with him.

Spread that word and you will make a much bigger impact on the environment than recycling your trash.

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@LuckyGuy – what about homosexual women? How should they make their choices on pollution consciousness?

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@elbanditoroso I was just using those as easily recognizable examples. Every one of them can be modified for the gender of your choice.
For your example: “homosexual women”, I might consider the number of shoes in her closet or the need for jewelry, or many cosmetics.
The best way to avoid pollution is to not make it in the first place. (I forget the source now, sorry) The pollution and damage to the earth to mine, ship, cut, ship , inspect, ship,...and sell a 1 carat diamond to a customer is the same environmental impact as driving 20,000 miles. (I might have seen the number in a paper by Argonne National Labs) . The point is to not make the pollution in the first place.

I’ll change my original statement to make it more general: “Avoid potential partners who demand a large carbon footprint.” They pollute more – and will make your life miserable.

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Vote for the Green Party candidate? Plant trees. Recycle. Try to stay away from Roundup and other weed killers. Conserve gas and electricity. Buy local. Plant a garden.

Passing on a love of Nature and an appreciation for the environment to your children and others, raises awareness which is most needed in these times.

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^^ @CRobert GA! That is a big one. Overeating consumes more food, water and resources. It increases the load on the healthcare system requiring more medications, surgeries and other treatments. The effects on the environment are much larger than we imagine.

I’d also add “by not having too many children” . A baby, toddler, child, teen, adult and eventually a parent, requires resources and add to pollution. That is likely much more than the best recycling effort.

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