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Can a blue-eyed swede who stays indoors have tan skin? How?

Asked by Aster (18382points) February 9th, 2014

How could someone over sixy who may be quite ill have tanned skin if they are swedish , have blue eyes and haven’t been outside for a month? Is this how jaundice looks sometimes?

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It sounds like a symptom of liver damage to me. And it sounds advanced. What does the doctor say?
I’ve also heard of this happening to people when they drink a lot of carrot juice.

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Addison’s Disease changes skin pigment.

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@hearkat the pigment hasn’t changed. It has always been tan in winter.
@Judi you mean doctors, plural? Lots of complex, vague, different things. No firm diagnoses; just “could be” “possible” “inconclusive.” Those kinds of professional remarks.
Upon looking it up earlier, it appears that many Scandinavians have tanned skin and blue eyes. I had no idea.

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So this isn’t a sudden change? Then I wouldn’t worry so much about his liver.

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If it is a lifelong tan it is not going to go away after a month.

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Perhaps this person has had Addison’s Disease for many years.

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I’m just wondering what the significance of blue eyes is?

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Jaundice is a yellow color. In people with darker pigmentation, it can be harder to tell since it adds to the darkness but if you look at the whites of their eyes, they’ll be yellow too.

Some people have naturally tan looking pigmentation. My mom looks tan all year long without going out in the sun.

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My mom died of liver cancer and never went jaundice colored.

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Assuming there is no significant medical problem or reason for it, if he always is “tanned” then it sounds like his natural skin color is a little tan. Are his areas that never see the sun always a little tan in your perception? Also, the darker you are, generally the longer you hold color from the sun. My husband’s tan lasts much much longer than my tan. I go back to the color of my always hidden areas much faster than he does after sun exposure, because he starts out darker to begin with. My husband can hold a tan for a few months, mine is gone in a few weeks.

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