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If you had the time and perhaps money, which cause would you like to get involved in?

Asked by LornaLove (9388points) February 16th, 2014

I’d love to donate time and money, if I had some, to a cause of some type. For me, it would be probably more to do with human ventures like ‘Befriend The Elderly’ for example. Perhaps your choice would be to do with animals.

I’d also like to help people grow and develop and stretch their potential. I have lived in Africa most of my life so perhaps this is where this stems from.

Tonight I sat and mulled over a cause/charity I’d like to get involved with and there are so many. A few I’d stay away from because of emotional involvement or personal experience.

If you had unlimited time and or unlimited funds what would you like to do for a cause or charity? In which ways would you become more involved? The planning and running, the grass root level work or in other ways? Which causes are they and why are they so close to your heart?

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I would help poor people sue the rich. Also I would make a website that keeps score from K – Ph.D. and awards degrees and diplomas as the skills develop.

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My partner and I always talk about running a pre-school that would integrate able-bodied and disabled kids together. We would also run a service dog training organization.

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I like the charities that enable shoestring entrepreneurs and farmers to get a start in developing economies. Things like Grameen Bank (which is not really a charity, after all) and Kiva (which is).

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Climate change proselytization and education.

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I’m into animal rights so probably something like ASPCA or a local shelter.

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Auckland City Mission and/or The Wayside Chapel . Both these charities greatly impress me.

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I’m currently a member of the Human Rights Campaign.

You can see our logo all over the place at Ellen Page’s coming out.

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Women’s rights in the undeveloped world would be a good start, I think.

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I do this:

Also, occasionally I throw a crypto party.

If I had money, I’d do more of this sort of thing – that is, I’d buy a bunch of Nanostations or similar rugged radios and set them up all over town.

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Be nice to help those old guys in the bide a wee rest home for bewildered ex wrestlers.

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@Judi has shared with me a really great idea for a philanthropic organization, and I would be proud as punch to help her with it.

Really her details to explain if she would like to.

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I volunteer with a special recreation association that puts on special events for kids with disabilities.

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My favourite charity is Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. If I could afford it in both time and money would do everything in my power to help them. Closely followed by the Donkey Sanctuary in Devon and the Seal sanctuary Cornwall. It is all about the animal charities for me.

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I would like to start/manage a nonprofit agency that assists mothers of children conceived through rape.

I would be a doula and/or lactation consultant, perhaps “specializing” in helping women who have been sexually assaulted give birth and breastfeed, if I had more time.

I would do independent research on how to safely co-sleep. I am horrified at the campaigns to vilify parents for sleeping with their infants. I do believe it is safe for many, and can be made safe for even more families.

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I’d definitely get more into wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and shelter.

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I’m actually not a big fan of charity, though I donate to certain causes or people suffering hardships when I can. If I had the time and money I would start up my own programs and organizations that would help change the way people live rather than just blindly giving them something.

I would help to support a great deal of paranormal research, and work harder to get it accepted by mainstream science. I would start up humanist campaigns where violence against women, girls, boys and men would be of great concern. I would start up programs aimed to offer poor people the chance to learn a trade so they could get on their feet.

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