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Will my previous "suicide attempt" affect my chances of getting this job?

Asked by eferrara (145points) February 18th, 2014

A job I have applied for requires a psychological evaluation and extensive background check. I suffered with depression all through high school and in 2011, I overdosed on antidepressants, went into cardiac arrest and was in the hospital for a few days. It wasn’t quite a suicide attempt. I didn’t plan it, I didn’t leave a note – I was reacting to a situation that set me off and I took too many pills and as soon as I took them I called the ambulance as I realized my mistake. I didn’t have to have follow up appointments or anything. I immediately stopped taking my antidepressants altogether and my life is substantially better. I am not depressed or anxious or anything. My life is normal – but now I’m afraid my past will haunt me. Will they hold this against me? I don’t know what is in my files or what they can find out. Do I have to disclose this?

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Talk with your physician and he/she can advise you.

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A job won’t have access to medical files unless you somehow release them to the company. What type of job is it?

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Depends where you are psycologically speaking now not where you were in 2011 since they will be evaluating you now not then for the position. Just think positive and know you are moving forward with your life and try not to look back at the negative that happened a few years ago.

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Your information is confidential. I couldn’t believe my son who had been hospitalized several times for suicide attempts and psychotic behavior got a job with a major defense contractor.
They only records they can access are the ones you tell them about and give them permission to see. Mental healt confidentiality is even stronger than HIPPA.

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It depends upon the job. Don’t lie. If they are going to run a background check they will find out even with HIPAA or “confidential” medical records. They will talk with your friends, neighbors, family and who-knows-who-else, and will ask about you. The truth comes out.
Don’t mention the job here, but use your common sense and answer this question honestly: Would you worry about you in this job? Is there any chance that your potential instability will endanger others? Don’t answer here! Just think about it.
Good luck.

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Just be honest and don’t over think your responses. If it’s a job that requires evaluation, regardless of your past actions you may or may not be suitable for the job, and that’s OK. You don’t actually know what they are looking for or what might be deemed “desireable,” so be yourself. Maybe honesty and proof of growth is impressive.
Just think of it this way: in order to be on a reality show like the Bachelor you must have a psychological evaluation. Half of those women seem crazy to me.
Seriously, though… Nothing is worth reacting to by self-harm. Knock that shit off.

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