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What do you think would happen, if anything, to a person who does this?

Asked by Aster (18221points) February 24th, 2014

Let’s say a person has not drank an entire glass of water in thirty years; just soda pop. Rarely, the person would drink about four ounces of water; maybe four times a year. Never tea or coffee, hot or cold. Not once.
By age seventy do you believe there would be health consequences and , if so , which ones?

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Bad teeth and maybe even diabetes because of the sugar. I don’t know anyone who drinks a lot of soda other than my husband and he has very poor health.

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First, the person would not have drunk the water.

Second, I guess when it’s that person’s turn to play Santa, we know better than to leave out milk and cookies.

Third, something tells me that that person would have been nagged to death long before age 70.

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@CWOTUS “nagged to death long before age 70?” What does that mean? How is it relevant to healh?

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I’d imagine they’d die farting & belching, water a way to go….ahahahahaha (i’ll get my coat)

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One soda contains 40 grams of sugar and adds 150 calories. 150 calories * 365 days equals 54,750 calories each year. Since there’s 3500 calories per pound, that one soda per day adds 15.64 pounds per year. If you weren’t already fat, you will be soon. But that’s just one 12 oz. can of soda. Your body needs approximately 80 ounce of water a day and that’s would take 6–7 cans of soda a day to get you the fluids your body needs. So multiply the facts above 6 times and you are packing in some serious amounts of empty calories a year.

So I do not think only drinking soda would bode well for the average human being.

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@Cruiser Sorry; I meant to say non-sugar sweetened sodas. What do you think would happen to this brilliant person?

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@Aster Aspartame is worse than sugar for your body as I understand it.

My hubs drinks Coke and not a lot else, maybe an energy drink and has had kidney stones and a couple of unexplained seizures, but he’s not even 40 yet, so I guess I’ll see.

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@Aster I am not a fan of artificial sweeteners and the uncertainty of their long term effect on the human body especially in the amounts you would need to keep hydrated.

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I would imagine that it would shorten this person’s life by at least a decade or more. But, after 23 years in nursing, I’m always surprised at the abuse the human body can endure. There’s the story of the 13 year-old standing on a street corner smoking a cigarette when a middle-aged guy walks but and says, “Those things will shorten your life, son.”

The kid looks the guy straight in the eye and says, “My grandpa lived to be 93, mister.”

The guy looks at the kid for a moment and says, “Did he smoke?”

And the kid snarls back, “Maybe, I dunno. But more importantly, he minded his own goddamned business.”

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Sometimes people have good genes and can get away with murder (their own)!

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I’m experimenting with coke zero instead of Coke for this week.

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@LornaLove so true, some do all the right things and end up dead early and some do everything wrong and are bursting with health. Weird things these genes!

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