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How could someone be dead for 6 years before anyone noticed?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36148points) March 7th, 2014

This story. Unreal.

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Didn’t she have a single friend, relative, or co-worker? How could nobody have noticed? Unbelievable. What about her mail?

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Weird. Nobody ever noticed that the lights were never on at night, ever? Or that in Winter, the snow wasn’t shoveled? And the house didn’t fall into disrepair? This is one buggered up story.

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I bet now that people know she’s dead someone will be sniffing around for the reading of the will. Sad. Very sad.

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The article said that the police did a welfare check in 2007. And left.

There ought to be some liability on their part for having done a half-assed job.

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For years I lived alone in a brick house that was a story up from street level. Most of my neighbors were home-bound, and some I never met in 20+years. I too, was fiercely private, almost all my yard was cement, and my only bills were utilities and they were on auto-pay. If she was making a house payment that included the taxes, I can totally see how this could happen. There were times that I would have had to deplete $20–40,000 in savings before anyone really came looking.

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Easily really. I recently moved to the UK and if I died here I doubt anyone would notice for a hundred years.

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