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How do I delete my information from a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (wi-fi, 7") in order to prepare it to sell?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30553points) March 7th, 2014

I have purchased a new Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro (wi-fi, 8.4”), and I will not need my Tab 2 that I currently use. I am trying to decide whether to give it to one of my children or sell it.

In either case, I would like to remove my accounts that link to payment methods.

Where do I start?

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settings / security / Factory reset

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The factory reset button was not under the security heading of my settings on my Tab 2, but I found it. Thank you.

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For the future, are you aware that Samsung has an 800 number for free help with any questions you may have about your new Samsung?

I don’t have it handy but its on their website. I’ve used it before and gotten my issue resolved.

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