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How to find flight deals, simply?

Asked by Unbroken (10690points) March 17th, 2014

I’m have issues booking flights. I always feel like I am getting screwed I put it off. But fold invariably one week before my flight.

I like airbnb and vrbo they are simple I know what I am getting what sacrfices or indulgences I am making.

Is there a way to simply shop for airlines without becoming manical about it, employing complex strategies?

I only travel two to three times a year on average so I things that are point based only work to a limited extent.

Anyway what strategies do you employ? Is there a go to website, or do you do a ton of comparison shopping, how helpful is bundling, rental cars at the very least.

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Malaysian Airlines do a great deal on magical mystery tours.

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I use kayak. I have heard that the best rates occur on a Tuesday and are around 57 days before the trip. Unfortunately I never know that far ahead.
To prevent myself from felling like i got screwed I stop looking after I order the tickets.
Step away from the keyboard.
Have a great flight!

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If you wait until the last week you pay the highest. The best strategy is to get your tickets at the earliest time you know you going to fly. is good for comparing prices. I use to fly up to twenty times a year for a company that had a ticket agency on-site. They would get the best prices if the tickets were purchased two to three week before the trip.

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Let me third Kayak. I also check the Southwest site. But you really need to book earlier.

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The quick answer is that there is no simple, foolproof way to ensure you are getting the best price.

All of the airlines do dynamic pricing, meaning that they change the price, from second to second, depending on demand – and not even demand of what is sold, but rather demand on what is being looked for. For example, go to Orbitz, and price the same trip 4–5 times in a 10 minute period. By the fourth time you look, the price will have gone up because they airline is detecting interest.

Kayak and some of the other people in the secondary market have some pretty clever algorithms to exploit these momentary changes, but the real fact is that the airlines jerks around with the fares, and even the Kayaks of the world can’t change that.

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Very interesting. I will book earlier. And not look up the same flight multiple times. I have a habit of doing that, this was my first time using kayak I still felt I paid too much but I did wait until the last week. This will be so helpful in the future. Thank you.

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After you enter your credit card info and hit “confirm” you need to walk away and not look again. It is hard to do but better for your sanity in the long run.

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Fly Southwest Airlines if possible. They refund your money straight to your credit card with no change fee if you find the ticket cheaper after you have purchased. It’s a price match guarantee that is not advertised.
You must purchase your ticket directly from the airline to take advantage of this.
United, Alaska, and Jet Blue will issue you a travel voucher for the difference in cost, with no change fees. Other Airlines will issue a travel voucher but charge the change fee, which doesn’t make it worth it, usually.

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Book three weeks or more in advance.

Fly Tuesdays and Wednesdays when possible, those are usually the cheapest days. Avoid flying on or around holidays. Although, immediately before and after the days people most often fly for a holiday the fares can be very very good. For instance the Tuesday following Presidents day is usually really good fares to or from FL. President’s day is one of the biggest vacation weekends of the year down there. Flying Monday can be double flying Tuesday or Wednesday that week. Many airlines now have a flexible date option where you can see fares for several dates and choose the least expensive.

Check flight prices Tuesday evening before midnight EDT for flights in America.

Not all fares are online. Sometimes you can get a better rate calling the airline directly, it depends on the airline. However, Southwest which a lot of people mentioned, usually has web deals.

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