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Do you wear socks?

Asked by trev4326 (26points) March 19th, 2014

I would like to know why I should wear socks in my Nikes or Vans, I mean my feet never ever stink when I do not wear socks and when I wear socks they do! So any one else share my hate of wearing socks? Im 18, male… and seriously I think it looks sexy as hell…

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I wear socks almost all the time because I wear a variety of shoes and each pair fits/wears on my feet differently. No-shows to mid-calf socks in different colors all find a place.

Of course, I have a great pair of Vans slip-ons and a couple of other pair that I wear sockless. Just depends on the weather and my mood.

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Only when it’s windy, speeds up your walking pace see.

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what does that mean only when its windy?

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but have you noticed how many people are wearing no socks even In dress shoes? I wonder if they make dress shoes for sockless people?

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I always wear socks. I don’t like the feeling of shoes on my feet without the barrier of socks. I don’t even really like wearing sandals. I do wear them to keep my feet cool in summer but I love it when it’s autumn again and I can wear my socks.

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I have had to speak to two employees now about their stinky feet and tell them that wearing socks is a required part of their uniform. Save a future manager, wear socks.

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Always. Don’t like the feel of shoes against bare skin.

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I always wear socks. I like the padding and absorbency they provide. And I have cool striped ones and a pair with paisleys.

I detest sandals.

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I wear socks. Feet sweat. At the end of the day, the socks can be washed. It isn’t as easy to wash shoes. Also, socks provide a barrier to keep shoes from chafing your feet.

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Yes. I wear socks with shoes that need socks. Of course, I don’t wear them with flip-flops or heels, but that would just be weird. Tennis shoes, boots, etc. – absolutely, socks are a must. First of all, my shoes already rub the back of my foot when I wear low-cut socks, so I can’t imagine how many blisters I’d have if I didn’t have the extra cushion. I can’t imagine it would be comfortable to wear tennis shoes with bare feet, either.

I must disagree that it’s “sexy as hell” to go sock-less in tennis shoes. I suppose it might be hot in a hipster kind of way, if you’re into that, but I am biased about men’s feet. Men have ugly feet – there, I said it. That includes their bony, hairy ankles. There’s something more aesthetically pleasing to me about that little bit of sock poking over the edge of the shoe. On the other hand, regular ankle socks or God help us tube socks with tennis shoes and shorts? No, no, no, no! Unless you’re a 60-year-old overweight guy with varicose veins, tall socks on men wearing shorts is just wrong. I guess soccer players get a free pass, too, but only in uniform! Girls can pull off tall socks, but not white tube socks.

Honestly, when I see people (especially guys) wearing tennis shoes without socks, I automatically think they have hygiene problems and probably don’t smell too great. I know that isn’t always the case, but it just gives off a dirty hobo vibe to me. I can almost smell the sweaty feet from a great distance. Blech!

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I always wear socks because my feet sweat. Without socks it feels horrible, I get blisters, my shoes stink and they rot from the inside. In hot weather I’ll wear flip flops without socks but that’s about it.

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No sock woman here, although during workouts and walks I do. Otherwise never.

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I do mainly to avoid chafing. I easily move around 10–20 miles a day and that’s not including if I decide to run for my workout.

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During my teenage there was a young man trying desperately to impress me, told me all about the kind of car he drove etc, at some point I noticed he was not wearing socks with his dress shoes, I shuddered inwardly, sorry but bye bye desperate young man, and take your Valiant Charger with you please.

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Oh man I feel so alone. I am serious my feet do not stink! I never have blisters. I only wear Nike and Vans and it’s amazing. I guess I’m weird. Lol

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You’re not weird so much as young, @trev4326, especially compared to many of us here. At 18 you’ve been regularly outgrowing clothes/shoes whereas I am wearing a sweatshirt older than you, and might have shoes almost as old.

That said, my Vans slip-ons are the one pair of shoes I’ve never worn socks with. Maybe you’re just picking your shoes for uncommonly good fit. I’d add that you must not live in an area where snow and ice are winter hazards?

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Honestly, it matters not one whit whether you choose to wear socks or not.

I wear them most of the time because I do not like the feel of shoes on my feet but when I have, on occasion, chosen not to do so the world has not come to an end and so I will continue to not wear them when I damn well feel like it.

At least not that I have notice.

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Actually I DO live in Canada’s coldest major city…WINTERpeg (Winnipeg) and the coldest year in 100 years. I think I put socks on 5 times, wearing Nikes on those days. We had a record number of -40! Thanks to everyone who replied. u all…

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Oh yeah. .. I GO COMMANDO to… I guess I hate close things on me. Maybe I should do another question about not wearing underwear? Lol

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You already inspired me, @trev4326.

Seems we have a couple of commandos in attendance.

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@ibstubro What about us chicks that like to strut around the house ‘commando’? My husband and I live next to a park and he calls me an exhibitionist all the time “you want the neighbors to look dontcha you perv?” hahaha

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You were included, @KNOWITALL, our own little Christian FUNdamentalist!

I’m an early riser, I have to be careful about the commando crap.

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@ibstubro Hey, if I’m home alone with hubs, it’s not breaking God’s laws of modesty! :)

A lot of people I know that are christians, people tend to think we’re cold and always covered and all that, trust me, within the bounds of the home or the marriage, they can be just as interesting as anyone else, maybe more so because we suppress so much!!

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Personally I love socks! I don’t ever wear trainers (sneakers) but I always wear boots similar to the kind you wear when mucking out horses at work and my feet would stink and be really uncomfortable if I didn’t wear socks. In my free time I wear cowboy style boots more often than not and my feet would be blistered to hell if I didn’t wear socks.

also, I agree with @livelaughlove21 a far as your comment about going sock less being “sexy as hell”. Each to their own and all that but it certainly isn’t a turn on for me.

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@Leanne1986 ”… It certainly isn’t a turn on for me.” Hear Hear!

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