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What do you wear under your clothes that gives you pleasure but shields you from others judgement?

Asked by ibstubro (18636points) March 19th, 2014

Clothing, tattoo, piercing?

The general populous doesn’t see it, but it brings you personal pleasure?

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I wear silk weight boxers, always so comfortable and feel good on my skin.

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I like to go commando. It brings me pleasure but does not necessarily shield me from the judgement of others. That would be the pants that do not let others know that I am freeballing.

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Chainmail undies.

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Scars, mainly.
That sounds bad…
Allow me to explain: I’ve come a long way from being someone who can’t go a day without self harming. I hide the scars in order to avoid questions, but they don’t bother me. It just reminds me that I’ve overcome a lot of things, and made it out alive.

And I like to go commando too.

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One particularly cold winter I wore a cock sleeve aka willy warmer.
Think of it kinda like a chunky condom, only without the mess :D

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Today I have my favourite top on. It’s red and very see through so i have to wear a vest under it. (by vest I mean a t-shirt with no sleeves). I love wearing a vest because I tuck it in. And that feels really good. I never tuck anything in and my waistband can rub or dig in. Not so with the vest. it’s like it’s giving me a hug…

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My tattoos for the most part but that’s mainly because the military specifies that some tattoos aren’t allowed to be seen on some bodily areas while you are in uniform.

As far as judgement from others, that has no significance whatsoever. I like my tattoos and that’s all that matters in the end.

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Nice underclothes in bright colors, business on the outside, fun on the inside…haha!

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@KNOWITALL Gotta go for sexy undergarments, for men and women. The sexier the better.

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Luxury, @zenvelo. I’m not a boxer fan, but never tried silk. Sounds great.

Not an early riser, @rojo?

I only have about 4 scars, upper left bicep, then I ‘cut that crap out’, @AshLeigh. You wear them well.

Only ONE winter, @ucme?

Hugs @Stinley :)

Wear them proud, then, @Bluefreedom. Thanks.

More like this @Pachy.

Your co-workers suspect you’re wearing loud panties, @KNOWITALL. It’s just in you nature.

Sometimes the color or texture alone can make the difference, @Adirondackwannabe. Tie-dye is a personal fave. lol

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Yeah @ibstubro, I manned up after that, wore thermals instead.

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(NSFW) @ucme Did you ”have an issue at the moment”, or was it an open ended winter?

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I shall not entertain such depravity, sure to offend my delicate persona, the very thought.

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My foreskin. And several other people’s.

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@Adirondackwannabe @ibstubro Finally a question with two of my favorite fella’s, I should have known it’d be about underwear…hahaha

Sometimes I wear black or brown, you know conservative dresses and suits, so it’s fun to be a little playful underneath. :)

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I love shockingly bright underwear, @KNOWITALL. Almost to the point of fetish.

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I may be joking about the chaimail underwear, but I’ve had for a long time this project to try and make a bra out of soda pop can tabs. I know a guy who made a shirt out of those, it looked pretty cool. I have enough tabs, I’ve had more than enough for like a year…problem is, I have absolutely no idea how to make the bra. ;/

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In the States, @Symbeline, the tab is no longer attached to the ring on pop-tops. Back in the 70’s we made door curtains and crap out of soda tabs, but that’s no longer possible. I think a bra might be painful. Is there a Fluther question in there for you?? lol

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It’s no longer attached? Huh? How does it work then?

Well yeah, would be painful, but where the bra touches the skin, I’d put something soft to cover the tabs, so they would only show on the outside.

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Way back when, the tab was attached to the ring. It made re-use fun and easy, but also choked people to death, @Symbeline.

You’ve opened a new door for me, however, and you might want to go here for inspiration. The coolest crap I saw was strung together with silver elastic cord.

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@ibstubro Oh shite is that ever awesome. See, that’s along the lines of what I’d like to get done. That one piece has the kickass golden color, too, very cool. :)

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Sexy bras and panties. My outer clothes style is so boring, nobody would ever expect it. They give me a happy, confidence boost during the day.

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I thought you’d like it, @Symbeline!

I agree, @Juels. It’s almost like you’ve got one up on them, without them ever expecting. My outer clothes tend to be mildly trendy, but I like having fun under. Calvin Klein has a good sense of humor for guys. I imagine Victoria might be your Secret?

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Yep, but I think the secret it out now. lol

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Nah. Only in the tide-pool of this little pond, lol.

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Um…nothing. lol
I rarely wear undies..I like the breezy effect under my skirts. haha

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@Coloma does that extend to brassieres as well? Just asking because so many women seem to be appalled at the thought of having their nipples protruding and as a child of the 60/70’s I truly miss the unfettered look.

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@herculies…...... What?

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@AshLeigh For a second there I felt as if harming myself would somehow empower me. I know it sounds crazy, your post was so deep and mesmerizing… it made me shudder because I felt I was there. I’m rambling. ‘Hide the scars’ is horrible and yet… we all have scars I guess. Sometmes we hurt ourselves before anyone else can.

Am I the only one who picked up on this?

I do see kids like you around campus, at times. They seem intense. Something just clicked.

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@herculies, thank you, I think.
I take it all in stride. It’s something that I can look back on, and feel greatful that it’s over. I wouldn’t say that doing it made me feel empowered. But overcoming the addiction does.

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