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Can you recommend some websites for studying forensics science?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14756points) March 19th, 2014

Same reason as this, but different recommendation this time: websites for studying forensics science.

Can anyone help me?

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I don’t know of any websites per se, but it might be that an archeology program is what you need. I’m not sure what sort of forensic science you’re interested in, but I do know that forensic archeology is a big part of what is practiced when recovering and analyzing recovered remains. As I understand it the organization that leads the way in the field is the International Commision On Missing Persons. They cut their teeth recovering and identifying the victims of the Srebrenica genocide and hit the ground running. You might look into them to figure out what actions will take you where you want to go.

You’ll be hardpressed to find a school with a program designed for such a career so you need to figure out how to cut that path. It wouldn’t hurt to get in contact with someone in the field and find out what qualitfications and study they like to see when filling the sort of position you’d like.

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@fundevogel I’m not sure what sort of forensic science you’re interested in

Criminal investigation see my tab :)

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I was thinking of archeological vs lab work, both of which come into play in criminal investigation. I don’t know exactly where the line between them is drawn, but both are necessary.

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