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My sister just sent me a phone number of their rental farm house in Province for the next month. She said I might need a country code. What is that?

Asked by gailcalled (54456points) March 20th, 2014

Here’s the number; 33–4-XX-XX-XX-XX. What would I need to add to dial from NY state to the south of France?

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33 is the country code for France.

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All you need to add is 011.


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La province de Provence, right, Thanks.

Does the 011 go at the beginning or can I just drop it in at random.

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Dial 011 and then the whole number you were given. I believe that should do it.

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@Hawaii_Jake: Thank-you. My instructions are to call only if the sky is falling. I hope that won’t happen until they return.

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@gailcalled The last time I checked, the sky was firmly in place.

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… which is why it’s called the firmament, after all.

Though I don’t make many overseas calls from my home phone, I think you’ll want to dial “1–011” + [the number you were given].

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We can always count on you, @CWOTUS.

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You want to dial 011 if you’re calling from the US or Canada. If you’re calling from a cell phone, you can dial ”+” instead of 011.

In the rest of the world, you dial 00 instead of 011 (or ”+” from a cell phone).

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Just check in the phonebook under international calling. It looks like Paris and Versailles may have their own code. some cities do, sometimes it’s all the same across a country.

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You have the full number there as well as the country code for France – 33. So all you need is the international dialing code to dial from your country to another country. As someone else said, it is 011 from US. So you would dial 011 33 4 XX XX XX XX.

This works for land lines and cell phones but on a cell you can also use the + instead of the international dialing code: +33 4 XX XX XX XX

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Thanks, everyone.

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Now they are in Provence and suggest that in an emergency I call their cell phone, which I would dial from my land line. This is the cell number he sent.

44 772 XXX XXXX.

Does the prefix 44 instead of 33 mean a cell phone? And would I then use the + in front of the 44?

I would probably use email or send a carrier pigeon before actually attempting this in a crisis, but I am interested.

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It’s 011 then the number. If I recall correctly 44 was the code for Provence.

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44 is the UK’s country code. Yes, you still dial 011 first.

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Did they buy a UK cell phone? That would explain why the 44 is there – if you make a call to a UK phone which is in France it’s like you are dialing the UK and it gets routed to where they are in France. It also looks like a UK number as we have eleven digits and France has ten (this includes a leading 0 which is missed off and replaced by the 44 or 33)

Anyway, to call them you dial 011 44 772X XXX XXX.

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