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Which would you hate to give up, sight, hearing, touch, or mobility?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26879points) March 22nd, 2014

If you were to lose one to disease or accident, out of losing your sight (being totally blind), losing your legs or use of them (your mobility), losing your hearing (being totally deaf), or losing your hands or use of your arms, which do you think you can live without the most? Which one could you not live without?

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My work and enjoyment of life depends on my sight. Can’t lose that. The other senses can have compensating fixes.

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How about my sense of smell, could live without that the rest I rather like.

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@SQUEEKY2 How about my sense of smell, could live without that the rest I rather like.
Might as well have tossed losing a toenail in there. Sometimes life brings crappy choices. Those are crappy choices because one can think of how it would affect the quality of life. I guess since you don’t know which of them you could not do without, if fate took them all then you would not have to choose if you had the choice to say. ;-P

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Hearing. I’d miss music a lot, but not as much as everything else. I’ve got hearing gloss already from listening to too loud rock and roll when I was younger. Taking it all away wouldn’t be so bad to me.

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Who needs legs, when you can have wheels!

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Plus, there is the whole field of robotic artificial legs that is developing.

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I’ve got hearing gloss already…]
Guess Led Zeppelin, and Kiss knocked some shine off your ears… LOL LOL Had to throw that in.

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Regardless, I could just use some of my many tentacles to take over for my legs.

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And it is not like I can not float, either.

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Or warp around the place like the Enterprise.

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Or be at many places at once like the God that I am.

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Or instantly speak some new legs into existence.

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My possibilities are literally endless, just like my divine self.

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It would scare the hell out of me to be blind and my eyes are way too important. I love music and not being able to hear it or other sounds would make me crazy. My hands and arms are very important because I use them so often for so many things.

That leaves the last option of the legs. Since I already have arthritis in both of my knees and I could still be happy seeing, hearing, and engaging in daily activities using my arms and hands, I could go on without my legs. I would make sure I get myself a crazy nice motorized, hot rod wheel chair machine to get around in too.

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I’d like to note that losing the use of one’s legs does not necessarily mean loss of mobility, wheelchairs are fabulous tools.

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Sight is the thing I wouldn’t want to lose. Mind you, all those others would suck, too. But sight would be the worse for me.

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Sense of Touch for me. Took part of an experiment which denied each of the big five separately and then together (that was hell). The one sense deprivation that frightened me the most was the loss of touch. Not feeling anything, not even my own body, that was just unsettling and I felt totally helpless.

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Sight, I love to read, look at art, nature, beauty of all kinds. Second would be taste. I’m a foodie….and I want to see what I’m eating. lol

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I would hate to give up my ability to stand on one leg.

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Take my legs. Did no one but me watch the Paralympic Games? Those athletes are incredible! I will say, though, that I was also incredibly impressed with the blind skiers. Still, take the legs.

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@GloPro In a million years I would not have the balls to ski if I were blind… I love to ski.

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@herculies The blind skiers are accompanied by sighted guides. I used to (indirectly) work with a company called “Foresight” that helped guide blind skiers. They sing to them. The totally blind have a guide in front and they follow the guide’s voice. The partial, but still legally, blind have the guide behind them, coaching them with voice and with shadows. It’s a very cool relationship.

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@herculies What about shooting ligthening bolts out of your ass? lol

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Legs or hearing could go.

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I think I would pick hearing. I am a passionate music lover and musician, so it would be devastating, but I couldn’t live without sight, mobility and feel.

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