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Can anyone help me find the Japanese word and symbols for ''victim''?

Asked by Berserker (33514points) March 23rd, 2014

Need to help someone with something, and looking it up online, I’m not finding much. At least, most of those sites seem to assume that I already have a basis in Japanese, which I don’t. Plus there are three alphabets, so this makes it all the more confusing.
Anyone know the word for victim in Japanese, and the associated symbols/letters? The word needs to go on a costume. ’‘victim N.777’’.
Thanks. :)

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Okay, these amount to what I also found…so that’s it. Eh this will be hard to put on the costume lol. But thanks guys. :) That last symbol is always the one that pops up, too.

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You could try spelling it out in katakana.

You do it phoenetically. For example, my name is Alyson, but in Japanese Katakana it is “a-ra-sa-n”, four symbols.

So… for “victim” it could be “wi-ku-ti-mu”

Not perfect, but not crazy-pants Kanji, either.

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