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How do you change the order/priority of connected controllers on the Xbox 360?

Asked by TheKitchenSink (439points) July 1st, 2008

Title basically says it all. I play Rock Band with my family a lot, and I sometimes want to use the Guitar Hero III controller I have. It works fine, but it’s assigned a different port than my Rock Band guitar controller, even if the Rock Band controller is turned off. This has the effect of switching the order of drums vs. guitar onscreen, horizontally. I’m okay with it, but my sister can’t bear it. All I’d need to to is change the order, but I can’t figure out how.

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The only way I have found, is to turn the system off and then back on, turning the controllers on in the order you want them.

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It sometimes works to unplug/turn off (hold xbox guide, then hit turn off controller) and then turn them on in the order you desire on the xbox start page, or the most basic menu in game. But the only way to ensure that they are in the correct order is like Randy said, to turn it off and back on.

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