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What are some funny/weird newspaper headlines you can remember?

Asked by ucme (50047points) March 28th, 2014

This has surely been asked before, but there’s a whole new batch of crazy headlines popping up on a daily basis.
I ask this more as an excuse to show a headline I saw t’other day.
Oh & will you look at that, there it is lurking below…

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“Automatic Toilet Shoots Oldster Through Ceiling”

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“Was Hitler a Woman?”

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That dog looks pretty happy, and he’s about to fall asleep. Finally, someone good at his job!

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“Freeze on Pools” – when the Trinidad and Tobago Government announced that it would no longer issue licenses for gaming pools.

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“Sled Dogs in the Yukon Forced to Evacuate”

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Short of making something up, nothing comes to mind…but I liked those fake newspapers where they make up outrageous news as a kid. I used to find them in corner stores for like 79 cents, those were hilarious.
Things like, Goliath’s skull found in the middle east! Then they show a skull with a hole in the forehead, or one I had was Satan’s skull found, where there was a monstrous looking skull on the cover with goat horns on it. The stories inside were priceless, like one I remember was Africa being attacked by giant ants, and someone dismantling the San Francisco bridge in one night and stealing it. Man I miss those. Lol.

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