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After watching obsessive compulsive cleaners, I had to ask?

Asked by LornaLove (10037points) March 30th, 2014

I love learning new of ways to clean things, so have been enjoying a program here about OCD sufferers where cleaning is the main focus. It got me thinking about my own habits so thought I’d ask you yours. Just to get a different perspective on things.

Having said that, have many times a week, day or month do you:

Clean your toilet
Wash your sheets
Wash floors
Wash dishes
Make the bed
Clean inside cupboards

One person irons their bed once the sheets are on. Do you have any quirky habits that you’d care to mention? Or tips.


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Once a month for everything. I use toilet paper or towels to brush my teeth with.

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Clean your toilet weekly
Wash your sheets monthly
Wash floors monthly
Vacuum monthly
Wash dishes daily—right after or the day after using them
Make the bed never
Clean inside cupboards once a season

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Clean your toilet – once a week
Wash your sheets – once a week, sometimes it stretches to two weeks
Wash floors – every two weeks unless they need it before. I sweep them more often
Vacuum – once a week. Sometimes I stretch it to two weeks
Wash dishes – daily
Make the bed – 2–3 times a week
Clean inside cupboards – once a year at best

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•Clean toilets: weekly
•Wash sheets: weekly (this includes all quilts/blankets, etc.)
•Wash shams on the bed and the mattress pads (which are extra thick): monthly
•Wash floors: weekly
•Vacuum: daily
•Wash dishes: daily
•Run dishwasher: When as full as possible. Since we cook/eat at home it’s run about every 1.5 day….more often when more people are home all day.

•All beds are made daily.

•Clean inside kitchen cupboards: Once a year I wash the shelves down. Clean inside of kitchen drawers once a quarter, though the inside of the cutlery drawer is fully wiped down more often.

•Bathroom cupboards once a quarter. Bathroom drawers: as needed, usually once a month.

•Cat litter boxes: Fully washed once per month. Litter pads are changed 2x per week….litter pellets once per month. (poop cleaned out asap…usually within minutes)

•Cat/dog blankets: In winter once per week; Rest of the year about every two weeks.

•Cats & dogs are groomed and bathed about every month.

•Bird & other small animal cages spot cleaned daily, washed down monthly.

Since we have more animals than people residing in our home, we need to keep up with vacuuming more than the average home. My husband, son or I run through at least the main floor of our home once per day, sometimes twice per day.

I recently gave up washing the floors on my hands & knees. I found a floor scrubber (upright vacuum type) that I’m thrilled with using. My floors have never been cleaner.

Since we use shower spray & a squeegee on our tub/shower daily, it’s rare that I have to actually clean the tub/shower area. Usually that just gets a quick wipe down after use. I only deep clean it once a quarter. Even for that, I use a spray, walk away, then rinse down & wipe.

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Edit: I do what needs to be done as needed. I don’t hold myself to a schedule, when It bothers me then I will do something about it… at least I will put it on the list.

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@talljasperman I’m intrigued by the idea of cleaning your teeth with toilet paper?

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Cleaning seems to be a daily task in my house.
Clean the toilet weekly.
Give all the sheets and bedspreads for dry wash once a week.
Vacuum and mop the floor daily.
Wash dishes daily.
Make the bed everyday.
Clean inside cupboards twice a week.
I clean the fridge once a month.
Give the clothes for ironing every week.

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At my house:
toilets cleaned weekly
sheets washed weekly
floors vacuumed/mopped weekly
dishes done daily
cupboards cleaned not often enough
the only things that get ironed are cotton sheets that didn’t get to hang outside in the sun/wind and pillow cases
bed made daily

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@Adagio I have crowns that get filthy frequently so instead of bringing a toothbrush and toothpaste I rub my two front crowns with toilet paper to get off the solid bits… And I use the towel for my teeth instead of dental floss I go by feel and sometimes with the mirror.

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The housekeeper comes once a week and does most of those things. I do the dishes daily and when it’s muddy like it has been and the dogs are in and out I have to mop the floors daily. (Why did I choose dark gray bamboo???)
The cleaning lady does the inside of the cabinets and the refrigerator on a rotating schedule.
I rarely make the bed on my own but I have been pulling up the blankets and throwing a sheet over it lately because those muddy dogs like to jump up on it.

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Clean the toilet every week.
Wash my sheets once or twice per week.
I don’t really have a schedule for mopping/sweeping/vacuuming. Just whenever it needs to be done.
I just put the dishes in the dishwasher and start it up whenever it’s full.
I make my bed every day. I can’t sleep in an unmade bed.
Do people really clean inside cupboards?

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@AshLeigh Yes! can be very dusty in there. I also clean inside my kitchen cupboard probably twice a month. Not all of them but the ones with spices and food stuffs on them.

The OCD episode is very interesting, one woman’s toilet seat was fit enough to eat off proven by a bacterial test. She cleans it a few times a day. She also steam cleans it. Hot steam is the new way of cleaning I hear.That is news to me, I’ve never heard of hot steam cleaning before.

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here we go
Clean your toilet: WEEKLY
Wash your sheets: BI-WEEKLY
Wash floors: WEEKLY
Vacuum: WEEKLY
Wash dishes: AS NEEDED
Make the bed: NEVER
Clean inside cupboards: MONTHLY

I will add
Clean inside fridge
Dust furniture
Wash laundry
Scrub all kitchen & bath surfaces

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For those of you who would like to feel more organized with your cleaning schedule, The Fly Lady is brilliant. She even has an app.

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Clean your toilet – weekly
Wash your sheets – weekly
Wash floors – weekly
Vacuum – weekly
Wash dishes – when dishwasher is full, usually every other day (there are only two of us)
Make the bed – daily
Clean inside cupboards – once or twice a year
Ironing – weekly, shirts and blouses but never sheets

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@cazzie, my daughter LOVES fly lady.

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Clean your toilet – Weekly.
Wash your sheets – Not often enough. Monthly, probably. It was weekly when the dog was in the bed with us, but now she’s not.
Wash floors – Not often enough.
Vacuum – Weekly.
Wash dishes – Daily, sometimes multiple times per day. I can’t stand having dirty dishes in the sink.
Make the bed – Almost never. Don’t see the point when no one sees it but us.
Clean inside cupboards – Yearly unless it gets out of hand.

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Clean the toilet: never! That’s my mom’s job! just kidding :)
Wash the sheets: not very often. I only do it when mom asks me to.
Wash floors: same as above :)
Vacuum: never. We have a vacuum but we don’t use it often.
Wash dishes: only when I’m the last person to leave the dinner table or when mom asks me to.
Make the bed: everytime I think my bed is too messy. I just can’t stand sleeping on a messy bed :)
Clean inside cupboards: only at New Year Eve.

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You do not want to know….trust me.

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Clean your toilet – Weekly
Wash your sheets – Weekly
Wash floors – Weekly or bi-weekly, depends on weather, etc…
Vacuum- Every couple days, at least once per week no matter what.
Wash dishes- Daily, every other day (no dishwasher)
Make the bed – Daily
Clean inside cupboards- Every couple months

I’m a clutter freak, can’t stand it, so every weekend I pick something to de-clutter.

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all of you besides @talljasperman need to come over and help me clean. I will provide you with the beverage of your choice. @talljasperman can come over just for the fun of it.

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@anniereborn A couple bottles of red wine and a rainy day, I’d clean all day non-stop. I keep threatening this guy I work with because he says he’s a hoarder and needs help, but he’s too scared for me to come over…lol

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@talljasperman I cannot imagine being able to clean my teeth as well with toilet paper as I can with a toothbrush, but obviously it works for you. And a towel instead of dental floss, surely you’re not saying you clean between teeth with a towel, but then again maybe you have big spaces between your teeth?

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@Adagio I just the towel as a dental/tooth l pick. It only take 5 seconds for most of my teeth

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@talljasperman: If you don’t use a toothbrush, your teeth are not going to last long.

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@jca I have a toothbrush and I only use it when it is needed… I use the toilet paper when I’m in the shopping mall restroom, and sometimes at home. I’ve been doing it since I was 25. I only have 8 cavities. But that is from all the pop I drink.

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@talljasperman: I hope you use the toothbrush at least once per day.

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@jca I will set that as a goal… Thank you.

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