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Are you proficient with any type of weaponry?

Asked by Berserker (33548points) April 5th, 2014

Anything goes, as long as it’s an actual weapon. Swords, staves, ninchaku, firearms. Anything that is considered a weapon, and that weapon requires you to have to train to be able to use it. So metal pipes and broken beer bottles do not count, unless you can truly say that you have mastered your own art in wielding them.

As well, buying weapon replicas from movies and having them sit over your fireplace does not make you a wielder of that weapon. I am interested in answers from people who truly know how to use a weapon, or are training with one.

Please exclude hand to hand combat, unless said martial art includes weaponry, such as Karate might. (although things like brass knuckles do count)

What is the weapon? What is your experience with said weapon? What have you learned? How did it test your limits? Why did you chose that? What is the story behind you being able to use said weapon? Where did you learn to wield it?

Thanks yo.

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My weaponry is way to modern to be of interest, then, I guess. Wit, sarcasm, passive aggression and patience, with a touch of cyber stalking. If you want to believe some of his friends, it was responsible for landing a man in hospital twice.

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I’m fairly good with my rifle. I can hit a buck 100 yards away and I can clean my rifle. I couldn’t be all Rambo if someone was shooting up a movie theater.

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Sarcasm, deception, and something called “I don’t care!”

Those are the only weapons I can handle.

I rarely resort to physical violence because I’m not so good handling that. But I have to admit that those weapons very often turn me into a backstabber…

But what do I learn? Backstabber is sometimes really fun!

And the story behind it? Well, it all started in high school. I was growing up, began to aware more of the surrounding world. The teen hormone inside me as well as many kinds of pressure like generation gap, conflicts, peer pressure left me an utterly aggressive but helpless person. I wanted to do a lot, but many didn’t want me too. Many tried to talk me out of them and even quarantined me from them. But I wouldn’t surrender so easily. I became more and more deceptive. I could be nice with a person one day and chatter all day about how bad they were with another tomorrow. I could say: “I have given up <something I wasn’t supposed to do>, mom :)” and did it in the privacy of my bedroom.
Soon, I acquired my three weapons.

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As part of our semi-annual mandatory qualifications in the Security Forces in the Air Force, we are required to be proficient on 3 weapons types that we carry on duty each day at our installation. As follows:

M-9 Baretta (9mm) handgun
M870 MCS (Modular Combat Shotgun)
M-4 Assault Rifle

Although we don’t routinely use the larger guns unless we deploy, I’m also trained on and proficient with the M-249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) and the M240B (7.62mm) heavy machine gun.

What is your experience with said weapon? Approximately 18 years use with the initial 3 types of weapons listed above and about 10 years experience with the machine guns.

What have you learned? How to shoot quickly and accurately.

How did it test your limits? We are put through a series of firing tests (pop up targets, shoot and move, transition drills, night fire, etc.) and it tests accuracy, proficiency, stress management, situational responses, just to name a few.

Why did you chose that? The Air Force mandates what weapons I carry on duty and stay proficient on.

What is the story behind you being able to use said weapon? It all started so many years ago in basic training…...

Where did you learn to wield it? Fort McClellan, Alabama and later in the Air Force also.

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GA’s all around, but I really am looking for answers that include actual physical weapons. Don’t mean to be a she dog here but I am not interested, for this question, in wits or wtv. unless those helped you with actual, physical weapon proficiency

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@Symbeline Oh sorry… just want to share a bit about myself…

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Great Sword, Bow and Arrow, Daggers and Magic Orb.

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I was a fair archer once. Primitive, not any of those newfangled things. I’m going to pick it up again.

OH! I’m newly a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism. And I’m going to join a siege engine brigade. I’m going to operate a fucking trebuchet.

Trebuchet, bitches.

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I’m good with knives, if hitting the bullseye on a dartboard with one counts.
Also, when we were kids we played this game called split the kipper, two of us would stand opposite each other, close by & we’d take turns throwing the knife in the ground.
The aim of the game was to split the other person so as they could no longer reach with their leg where the knife stuck. Kind of like an extreme bladed version of twister, I won…a lot.

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@Seek The professor has a trebuchet in storage if you want to go practice. It has too many modern bits in its build for it to be actually used for re-creationists. You know I want to go practice in the desert. Trebuchet, outside of Albuquerque, bitches.

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Hell yes.

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I was married to a doomsday prepper! I am proficient with : bushman ar15. ruger savage. colt 1911. 45 calibre handgun. various 22 calibres. A flintlock! I can hit a target the size of a prairie dog’s head at 1000 yards with a good leupold scope.

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Bo, sias, and any hard pointy hand held utensil including knives. My martial arts instructor was expert in hand to hand combat and taught us all sorts of things he said he would deny teaching us if we ever got in trouble for using what he taught us.

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A sarcastic tongue—occasionally.

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I’m a pretty good shot with any number of rifles. Decent with handguns.

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The evil eye… just ask my son!

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Air rifle with scope.

Ordinance of choice: Sharpened knitting needle dropped down barrel.

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M14, M16, 9mm, and sarcasm.

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I used to do archery. I was good. Also, I’m naturally good with a firearm. An ex BF took me to a shooting range once. It was the first (and so far the only) time I’ve gone. He got a little pissy because I scored higher than he did, and he used to go to the range on a regular basis!

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I’m deadly with a rifle or pistol, pretty good with a shotgun. I’ve been shooting and hunting since I was 12. Not exactly legal, but I learned to drive the pickup truck at 8 so my family didn’t follow all the rules.

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Daggers… I prefer double daggers. I’m trained in sword fighting. I am good with both metal and wooden spatulas. I am also proficient with the use of hockey sticks as both offensive and defensive weaponry.

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Since it has been claimed that the pen is mightier than the sword, I claim excellent combat skills with implements of written communication.

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I dabble with throwing knives. I wouldn’t say I’ve MASTERED the skill, but I have good aim. It’s just a matter of figuring out how to actually make the knife stick into the target each time.

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I know one. It requires no material and costs nothing but your time and effort to learn tactics to perfect,
It is the Art of Persuasion.
It is effective and can prevent an undesireable outcome ( violence). it is used in the Police force, Military (Navey Seal) and continues in Politics to this day.
It is a comonity that anyone can pick up and learn effortlessly.

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@AshLeigh Ever see the Johnny Carson show where he had Fess Parker, the guy that played Daniel Boone, demonstrating his skill throwing hatchets?

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^^^^^ I did. I have it recorded on dvd. Leno did a tribute to Carson, I think I recorded it then.

Any small caliber handgun, but 9mm is my fave. M16, mini 14, bow. though I’ve never had an opportunity to try crossbow (Ted is stingy that way). I am so proficient with a blowgun, I can kill mice in the dark. Bullwhip, staff, most parts of my body. Before the accident which ruined my leg, I could crush a skull between my thighs, or just take prisoners(HA!).
I have a glare which is so intimidating, that alone has several times prevented the need for any of the aforementioned. I have a couple of others, but those are NSFW, or the faint of heart. Mwahahahahaha!

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I was proficient with an M-16 but that was a while ago; they say it is like a bicycle, you never really forget.

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@Adirondackwannabe, I don’t believe I have.

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He was showing Johnny how good he was with the hatchet and was demonstrating on a male figure on plywood. First throw, right into the figures balls. Dead solid right in the middle but about four or five inches high. He’d asked Johnny if he could try it with him first. Fortunately for Johnny.

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Pistols and one-liners.

Oddly, despite being right-handed and legally blind in my left eye, I shoot most accurately and have the most control of the gun firing left-handed, shoulder forward. Having the weapon in front of me and/or involving my right hand at all tends to mess up my shot grouping; that’s part of why I don’t do rifles.

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It seems that most can handle weapons.

Please protect me when I’m in danger!!! ~

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I’m a bad ass with pitchforks, snow shovels and pruning shears, and my tongue is mightier than the sword too. lol

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Most if not all variants of the AR-15 (including the badass mofo Beowulf upper reciever)

Working on archery. Trench spikes too if I can get my hands on them…

Used to do fencing with all sorts of swords but that was ages ago and I doubt I’m anywhere near as good as I once was.

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I am proficient with rifles shotguns and pistols, knives and throwing stars and I am also no slouch with my bare hands.

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~ I am proficient with street fighter video games… and mike Tyson’s punch out

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Pink Steel.

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^^^ ???????????????
@Mimishu1995, if your safety is ever threatened while I am around, I will have you covered. :-)

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